Doing Email Marketing the Right Way


Email marketing is the process of using the internet to disseminate a sales message to a group of people through an electronic mailing system.

In this digital age, emails have been an integral part of many a successful company’s online promotion mix. This is because, marketers have realized the mind-boggling importance emails have acquired as a means fast, cheap, and reliable communication. Without emails, most of today’s business world would be left stricken.

You may be surprised to know that in 2009, nearly 2 million emails were sent every second, 171 billion everyday. But, you won’t be surprised to also know that 70% of those emails were commercial messages majority of which were unsolicited.

Successful online marketers, having recognized email as the most widely used internet resource, consider it as a highly potent form of internet advertising when used the right way.

Here are five 5 tips to help you execute successful email marketing campaigns for your product or service:

  1. Plan your campaigns: planning is a vital part of successful email marketing campaigns. You should plan in advance. Map out your strategy for moving from one point to another, and outline your tactics for each step. Some of the items to be considered when planning your campaigns are; framing your objectives, considering alternative methods of message presentation, assessing risks and benefits involved in each alternative, securing approvals etc Plan your email campaigns to ensure your message is clear, concise, and specific.
  2. Identify and segment your recipients: it is important to understand your target recipients and what message they will welcome and identify with. Segment your audience to ensure the best possible content goes to the right people. A great deal of research is necessary to determine your target audience.
  3. Persuade your recipients to take action:provide relevant content that have direct calls to action in your email campaigns. Encourage your audience to take action alongside you – whether it is to ‘sign up here’ or ‘click here now.’
  4. Tailor your email communication to suit your recipients: it is extremely important to keep your eyes and ears open to understand your target recipients. Use the language that interests and engages them most to effectively communicate with them. Do not be afraid to ask for feedback from your audience. Their feedback can help you fine tune your strategies for the next email marketing campaign you will be planning.
  5. Evaluate your campaigns: how well did the last email campaign work? Providing answer to this question may require sophisticated techniques of analysis. If measurable objectives were set before you launched the last marketing campaign, it is reasonable to assess the level of impact it has made on the audience.

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