Do You Really Need Multiple Websites?


Companies are constantly looking for ways to improve their online presence. Having good online visibility helps increase customer base and revenue, helping businesses achieve results both online and offline.

Using online marketing is just one of the ways to increase profits within a company. Every company must have a website these days as the way customers shop and search for specific services and products has changed so dramatically over the past few years.

You have probably noticed that a large number of companies will have more than one website and you’re wondering if you need multiple websites to achieve online success. Having multiple websites can prove advantageous, especially in terms of SEO, search engine optimization, where you are trying to improve your ranking in search engine results.

Multiple websites are ideal for companies that sell a host of products and services. A good example is a catering company that caters for business functions, but also bakes cakes for customers. This company could benefit from two websites, one for catering and one for cakes, under the same banner. This means both sites would be seen by Google, the cake site being redirected to the main site, turning the main site into an authoritative and recognised site which grows in the rankings.

As with any company website, the aim is to be noticed by the search engine companies, such as Bing, Google and Yahoo. In order to achieve this you need to build up a solid online reputation through information, value and visibility. Having more than one site enables you to distribute your authority to sub-domains, which can link back to your main site, turning that into the reputable site you need to make the first page in page rankings.

Each site should have its own information and images. You don’t want to copy information over from one site to the other, but rather link them to each other, encouraging customers to visit all your sites to find what they are looking for.

The search engines like that companies link between the sites they own, it forces the sites to establish a relationship and improves visibility to an entire target audience with ease.

Using blogs for each site and linking it back to another owned website is a fantastic way to redirect audience, while improving online visibility. This enables business owners to target specific niches, increase value and enjoy online recognition.

Having a main domain site with sub-domains gives business owners the opportunity to appeal to a wider audience, attracting attention and increasing online revenue. Customers will visit a site that they are drawn to due to product, service and appeal. When visiting the site they find links directing them to a main site, which they wouldn’t have visited otherwise, this is a huge benefit for any business that wants to improve their online recognition.

One of the things that search engine companies look for is an authoritative website. This is how names such as “Wikipedia” have become so popular and are visible in almost every single search taken online. By directing all the sub-domains to the main domain, this increases the authorisation and reputation of the main domain, ensuring it is noticed by the search engine companies, improving the company online ranking in search results.

Each site has to be unique and compelling, it needs to have its own function and content. It is important to put a marketing plan in place to ensure each site is updated regularly and appeals to a specific audience. Content needs to be SEO optimized making use of links to the main domain and back links to improve online presence.

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