Discovering Buyers Needs – A Great Idea For Using The Results


One of the main strategies of an email marketing campaign is to discover the buyers needs so you can help them solve their problems. This is a powerful strategy because more times than not, what you think people need is not what they actually do need. When you solve their problems, they will forever be grateful to you, and you’ll have a customer for life.

So part of your email campaign is asking your readers very pointed and very direct questions to get the exact answers you need. Now the real question is ‘What can you do with these responses when you get them?’ Well, that’s exactly what I’m going to cover in this article. I’m going to give you one great idea here that will bring you lots of sales and money over time.

I’m going to talk specifically about sales letters.

More times than not, sales letters are horrible when it comes to talking about people’s needs. They usually only talk about what the creator thinks people want. Sales letters are usually filled with lots of propaganda and ‘fluff’, with testimonials, screen shots, etc. Those are all great things, but a lot of times those things don’t get to the core of the reader.

So here’s an idea…

Why not take all the responses you get from your readers, compile them together and use those responses as the bullet points in your sales letter. Why not formulate your paragraphs and sections of your sales letter around what people are asking for.

Think about it. You ask your readers a question and they respond back saying that creating their own products is what is holding them back. Maybe they use a direct statement like ‘I don’t know how long or short my first introductory product should be’. Or maybe they say they can’t figure out how to create a squeeze page to send their traffic to.

What if you used that exact statements you receive in your sales letter bullet points? What if your bullet point said ‘You’ll learn exactly how long your first product should be in length’, or ‘You’ll learn how to create a simple squeeze page in a few minutes even if you have never created one before’.

Simple stuff, right?

It really is. Honestly, we over-think and over-analyze the process. If you just use the exact statements your readers give you, you’ll be amazed at how much your readers will connect with what you’re saying and how many more sales you’ll make overall. You’ll be amazed at how people think you’re talking directly to them in your sales letters.

Plus, here’s a little secret that you should know. If your sales letter has 25 bullet points and the price is set right for the product, people will buy your product just for that 1 bullet point that addresses their needs. They really will. I know I have. Just make sure that the product delivers what is promised in the sales letter. You never want to let people down from their expectations. A good idea is to always under-promise and over-deliver.

So with this little idea in mind, visit some of your old sales pages or be aware of this strategy when you create sales pages in the future.

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