Discover How the Free Gift Attracts Subscribers


As a list builder you need to offer something to entice the searcher to subscribe to your list. In most cases the offer needs to be something valuable enough that the searcher will exchange his or her name and email for the information.

Some marketers don’t believe in this strategy and simply give away the information for free on pages of their websites or they require the searcher to make a purchase before having access to them. For the beginner just getting started out in list building, neither of these recommended.

Why – because the objective is to build a list of subscribers as fast as possible.

By giving away information on your webpages the searcher can simply review and then leave, maybe never to return. Or in the case of having to purchase – this really narrows down your market and the amount of people who will subscribe to your list.

So it is recommended to have something that interests the searcher and is free of charge or complimentary so he or she will be interested enough to subscribe and opt-in to your email list. Whatever it is you offer the searcher, it should be something of value and original content whenever possible.

There are two challenges that online marketers face when it comes to offering complimentary digital products so searchers will subscribe to their lists:

A. Challenge number one is that the content offered may be repurposed, not original and possibly copied or repackaged. This poses a challenge because it can hurt the list builder’s credibility and also run up against duplicate content in the search engines. To avoid this challenge, only write and post original content, and this includes the content that you provide in your free gift for the searcher opting in to your list.

B. Challenge number two is that the content is old and out of date. This can be the case for marketers who have had sites around for five or more years. As the Internet has grown and advanced, new methods and ways to do things have changed; so this challenge can be easily avoided by revising old content and updating pages as needed.

When it comes to deciding on which digital products might work best for the complimentary gift for your subscribers; here is a sample list that you can choose from:

1. An eBook, Report or Guide that provides valuable information that the searcher can put into use.

2. A Manual with specific instructions

3. Audios and/or videos (either educational or instructional) that teach or share about the specific topic or subject.

The important thing here is that you have something of quality to offer and then the content and products in your email campaign are better than the free gift that the searcher received upon subscribing to your list.

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