Directory of Ezines Review – What You Need to Know


Welcome to my Directory of Ezines Review. I’ll be sharing the pros and cons of this service and explaining a little bit about what’s included in this service and if it’s worth the price.

This service is exactly what it sounds like it is. It’s a directory, or listing of ezines that allow advertisers to promote products in their e-zines.

What Is An Ezine?

It’s comparable to a magazine or newsletter that’s sent to its subscribers electronically. These exist for almost any topic or niche out there and some have thousands or even hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

Just like magazine advertising, it’s a great way for advertisers to reach a large audience that’s targeted to a specific interest.

So let’s get back to our review.

The owner of the Directory of Ezines, Charlie Page, has compiled lists of e-zines that meet his high standards. By personally testing the ezines, he determines which ones are profitable for his subscribers to use in their marketing. If it doesn’t meet his standards, it’s not listed in the directory.

There are many categories of ezines listed in this service. You’ll find some in niches like “advertising”, “internet marketing”, “family and parenting”, “pets and animals”, “health and fitness”, and many more.

The Directory of Ezines – What I Like

I like the fact that the ezines listed in the directory have been “pre-screened” by Charlie Page. This means I don’t need to worry about advertising in a flaky or poorly run ezine. I know I’ll get excellent results from these top-notch e-zines.

What I like best about it are the tutorials Charlie shares for free. On the membership site are dozens of PDF reports and videos where he shares his wisdom and expereince. He definitely over-delivers in terms of his training!

The Directory of Ezines – What I Didn’t Like

About the only negative thing I have to say about this membership site, is it doesn’t list ezines for every niche. There might not be a list for the niche you’re selling to.

But that might be intentional. Charlie Page focuses on niches proven to be top money-makers in the internet marketing world. His lists cover niches in the profitable niches only. That’s a good thing, when you tink about it.

Overall Thoughts

I believe the Directory of Ezines is a high-quality service and worth every penny in terms of finding good ezines to advertise in, and the incrediblly valuable training you get from Charlie, for free.

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