Different Types of Surveillance Cameras


There are many surveillance cameras available, each with their own purpose and requirements. Some of them are; Baby Monitors, Nanny Cams, Hidden Cameras and Video surveillance cameras. Some of these can be broken down to different categories to include, wired, wireless, mobile, color, black & white and high-resolution.

A Baby Monitor is either a video camera, audio monitor or an audio monitoring video camera. This system is usually very mobile, so it can travel with the baby when necessary. Here we will look at the audio monitoring video camera. With this device you can set the camera in the room with the baby and have a receiver in another room with a responsible adult. With this setup, while the baby sleeps, the adult can monitor the baby’s activity while in another room. This is a very handy device, but usually has limited range and video quality. Also the Baby Monitor does not record any of the video or audio. This can also be used for monitoring an aging adult. The cost is low due to its limited capabilities.

Nanny Cams are cameras set up with better resolution and the capability of recording what it views. These devices are usually a “stand-alone device”, meaning that it is completely self-contained and can be put wherever it is needed. These cameras can record audio and video and have a higher resolution or recording quality. Normally a Nanny Cam records on a memory card, and the video can be retrieved by the owner at any time to view on their computer. More expensive than a Baby Monitor, the Nanny Cam is used to monitor the activities of someone caring for your child or aging adult.

Hidden Cameras are more sophisticated than Baby Monitors or Nanny Cams. Sometimes called Spy Cameras, Hidden Cameras are small cameras place inside of common objects such as radios, mirrors, fans, signs or any object so they cannot easily be detected by the criminal. Hidden cameras can record on a memory card or be connected to the internet to view from anywhere in the world in real-time. These cameras can be used to monitor your home or workplace when the owner is not present. Designed with a higher resolution and available in black & white or color, these cameras have other features available. To conserve recording space the Hidden Camera can be motion activated and can be wired or wirelessly connected to your computer, Security DVR or modem to be recorded or connected to the internet. Depending on how much the buyer is willing to spend, features can be added to make the camera completely self-contained and capable of recording on a memory card while be connected to the internet.

To completely monitor your home or business inside and outside, the video surveillance system is used. A modest system would be a series of four cameras connected to a Security Digital Video Recorder, computer or directly to the internet. These systems can be increased to as many as 32 cameras and the features can be designed to meet the customer’s needs. Choices of cameras allow for wireless or wired connections and color or black & white viewing. Cameras can be purchased to zoom, pan, tilt and be motion activated. Some cameras can be very visible and other can be discreet so as not to alert anyone. There are choices of high-resolution, day or night and inside or outside cameras. There are even vandal proof cameras available. The concept of a video surveillance system is to monitor all the property you need monitored, while being versatile enough to customize select cameras for specific needs. In a video surveillance system different cameras came be mixed together including wired and wireless cameras. Your surveillance system is usually connected to Security Digital Video Recorder. This allows the owner to record the video while viewing live action on monitors or another computer or smart phone via the internet. These systems can be used to monitor thieves, employee activities, safety hazards and procedures or damage to property. A good affordable 4 camera wired video camera surveillance system can be obtained for less than $400, and any surveillance system will usually lower insurance costs.

Peace of mind comes from knowing your property and loved ones are being protected. Sometimes if you just make people aware that your property is being monitored by video equipment, it will be enough to deter criminals. Employees sometimes don’t realize they are not following procedures or that they are doing something that is unsafe. Finally, there is no better evidence in a court room than a time stamped video of the crime.

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