Different Types of Search Engine Marketing For Your Online Business


The birth of the internet paved the way to a new breed of advertising and marketing strategies. No longer are companies competing in prints; companies and businesses nowadays advertise and promote their brand, products, and services through a different medium – the internet.

Internet marketing, online marketing, web marketing – the new form of marketing may come in different names but they all mean the same thing. Every business in every industry these days has at least one website or blog dedicated to promote and spread awareness about their product and service via the internet.

One form of online marketing that has been widely used by companies all over the world is SEM. SEM helps increase a particular website or blog’s visibility in the search engine results page – meaning, search engine marketing is done to make sure that a certain website or blog shows up in the results of Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

SEM is a modern marketing strategy, and has been very effective for those who really know how to go about it. The great thing about SEM is that it lets companies locally and abroad market and advertise their products globally, attracting more prospective clients and improving the company’s sales in the process.

There are three kinds of SEM – the first two are for companies with deep pockets and the last one is for companies who are not financially generous but has the patience and the time to spare. If you are new to the online marketing scene, you may want to know more about SEM and see which particular method is more appropriate for your type of business and for your budget.

Types of SEM:

Search Engine Advertising or Paid Advertising – Search engine advertising is a SEM strategy wherein you pay a certain amount to the different search engines in order to get an ensured top rank in the search results, both on the search site as well as its distribution network. There are five factors to be considered in a search engine advertising method: bid price, keyword selection, ad distribution, ad copy, and the website’s landing pages.

Paid Submission – In a paid submission arrangement, the website owner will have to pay a certain amount to other websites in order to have his or her website reviewed. This is ideal if you are targeting human-based search engines, which are commonly referred to as online directories.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – SEO is the most popular type of search engine marketing SEM as it is the most effective and is the most affordable of the three. While the results of SEO takes a while compared to paid searches and paid submissions, the benefits you will get in the end will be definitely worth the wait.

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