Different Types Of Content You Can Give Out In An Email Marketing Campaign


Email marketing is one of the most powerful parts of your online business. In fact, you’ll most likely make the bulk of your money with your email marketing efforts. That’s why it’s important to have a rock-solid email marketing campaign that engages your readers to ultimately like and trust you. One thing you always want to do is mix up your content so you don’t become predictable. With that in mind, I’m going to give you some ideas of different content types you can give out to your readers in an email marketing campaign.

Articles – Articles work great for an email campaign. You could easily write an article then copy and paste it into your auto-responder campaign, but another idea is just to write a short email inviting them to check out this article and provide a link to the article. This way, the email is the perfect length and you can see how well people interact with your list by the number of clicks you get to the article.

Blog Post – Blog posts can be thought of the same way as articles, but the difference is you can send people to other blog posts besides the ones you create yourself. The big difference between articles and blog posts is the content that can be presented. You see, with articles, you can’t promote anything inside the body of the article. You have to follow the rules of the article directory. On the other hand, a blog post really has no rules and you can send people to a post that heavily promotes buying the latest and greatest product. Plus, you can also track the clicks again, which is an indicator you want to follow closely.

Audio Links – Let’s say you host a weekly conference call for your subscribers or your team members. One great idea is to record all of your calls. If a certain topic gets recorded that is just awesome and everyone should hear this content, why not put it in your email marketing campaign. You could keep the email short with the audio link. The nice thing about audio products is that it gives your readers a chance to actually hear your voice, which then will translate over to future emails they read of yours. They will remember your voice and read your emails as if you were talking to them.

Free Ebooks – People love free gifts and free content, and giving them a surprise free gift every now and then does wonders for your email marketing campaign. To create ebooks fast, you can put together a collection of articles you’ve previously written and weave them together. Just make sure the flow is good.

Free Telecalls – Another type of content you can give to your list is telecalls, maybe only on special occasions, maybe when you have a new product to launch, whatever. For the people who show up to the telecall, you get the same benefit that you get with audio links, plus you might make some money at the same time. Plus, getting people together on a call is another opportunity for you to record the call and maybe repurpose the call later on in a product.

If you mix it up a little bit and give your readers some different forms of content, they will thank you for keeping it fresh and they’ll ultimately be more loyal to you in the long run.

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