Customers Email Collection


When you contact the e-mails for the subscription of the e-mail campaign make sure to go to any depth to get most of the information you can about them. This includes their first name, their last name, location, occupation, gender etc. always keep in mind the move the information you have you about your customers and potential customers the more targeted you can be.

The Two methods are:

Your subscribers won’t get pestered by unwanted e-mails and removing themselves from the subscriptions

You can cater the exact information that could be interested for the targeted group of people

Keep in mind, as we discussed before, brand building happens at all the stages of your business. This depends on How many e-mails you need to collect, the answer is the more the merrier and this process never gets over. Keep on increasing your e-mail database.

You must do the Following:

1) You know them

2) You understand them

3) You care for them

One important thing you should make sure is to have to the e-mail software or program to send

Be on Time! That means your campaign to the targeted audience as you planned in the exact time you planned. Greetings, targeted greetings, useful information with good customer service you e-mail database will convert itself into your customer base and repeat customer base are due course of time.

Once you have decided what kind of content need to be sent for your customer’s e-mail so that your customers are excited to open your e-mails, the question is how you collect the e-mails and to whom you need to send your valued content that your potential users and customers will be interested.

Our first recommendation is don’t go buy the e-mail addresses as it is not the right strategy. Many of these e-mail addresses were web spider by the companies that sold to you without the permission of the users. When you use these kinds of unsolicited e-mails you can get into various different problems such as your IP address can be marked as a spammer IP and can also jeopardize the reputation of your domain. The other way you can put your website and your IP reputation in jeopardy is buying the software that spiders the e-mail addresses and using them for your e-mail campaign as this too have the same effect that we saw previously.

So what is the right way to collect the e-mail addresses? The right way is promoting your customers, you source of your website, your potential customers etc. to register on your e-mail subscription. You can even do some kind of incentives for them to subscribe for your e-mail campaigns. For example if you are a restaurant anybody can subscribe for your e-mail campaign and get a soup free or a pop free etc. for different businesses it could be different strategies. Find out what your customers may be interested in that you can afford to give away as an appreciation and give that. You can also collect the subscription for your e-mail campaign in places like business expos, Board of trade meetings and the research networking meetings by collecting the business, of your potential customers. Bottom line is always send the e-mail campaign to the subscribed users and don’t pester people when they want to get removed from the list etc. keep in mind each situation is an opportunity to build the brand of your business.

We wish this article gives you great insight on the e-mail subscription selection and how to do the e-mail campaign properly. If you still have questions or needed professional help in setting up the e-mail software and/or e-mail campaign strategy contact our customer service friendly representative.

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