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With the internet taking command of the world of advertising, people are scrambling to get their Websites on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Google pagerank is important because it shows users that your site is reliable and trusted by Google to be knowledgeable of the subject being searched for. Things like Google Places can further help you get you business’ name out there because of the amount of ease it takes to get the location of your business shown. It also allows for customer reviews, your phone number, address, and a direct link for customers to get to your Website. These factors and more can help you win the war of the search engines and I will be explaining how things like correct keywords and page optimization, added with Google Places and Google pagerank, will help you do just that!

The first of the creative solutions to great rankings is the use of correct keywords. There are many niches on the internet that people search for everyday, and there are many ways to gauge what keywords are used and how often people actually click on pages in the search engine. Google Ad Words is a great tool because it allows you to type in any keyword the you wish to use in your title and content. After all, the first thing you see when checking your Google pagerank is the keywords in the title of your page. Google pagerank is vital because everyone from college students to business executives use search engines to look for information. Most people who use search engines never go past the first page, so it’s important to rank high for a competitive keyword. For example, “locksmith” is one of the most used keywords on search engine. So much, in fact, that it has become a saturated market for Google. Luckily, for companies like Pop-A-Lock, their Website is optimized to the point where they have so much keyword-rich content that their Google pagerank is one of the top 3 results in Google.

Another of the creative solutions that can be utilized is Google Places. Google Places is one of those creative solutions that can be a huge factor in how trustworthy search engines view your business and Website. What Google Places allows you to do is put your information out there, including: address, phone number, city, state, zip code, and site URL. Another great feature of this tool is the ability for customers to post reviews of your business for the internet to see. However, the ability to review can be a great gift and a great fault all at the same time. Weeding out false reviews and deleting them is not something that Google Places does, so you need to be wary of competitors potentially posting false 1 star reviews.

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