Creating E-Mail Messages That Work


There are eight sure-fire tips for building a relationships and trust with the people on your list.

1) Send only relevant information that will help your readers see you as an expert in your field. Excess and unnecessary information will only make readers view you as spamming their mailboxes and can affect your Internet reputation.

2) Create an online persona that sets you apart as a live person and not just some plastic corporate face. Provide anecdotes, tell people what’s going on in your life, from time to time and give them other ways to come to know the real “you” and not just your company. People love the personal feeling of speaking to a real person, than to a machine.

3) Do not constantly throw sales pitches. Some of your email should simply be interesting, helpful and timely. Nobody loves a salesperson who keeps pushing products to consumers, hence it is important to consider from consumers’ perspectives.

4) Create free offers that are relevant to your products or services and give them away with no string attached. Add as much value to what you can offer to your readers and they will treasure and appreciate your efforts and return businesses to you.

5) Always be truthful. Customers can easily tell if you are sincerely helping them or just merely lying about what you are to offer.

6) Do not use overtly hyped up sales language.

7) Never recommend someone else’s product or service unless you have used it yourself and find it to be all that the product owner or service provider claims that it is.
A true testimonial of the product serves better than a mock-up one.

8) Respect your reader’s time. Keep your messages as short and to the point as possible.

Don’t expect to build a relationship overnight. It’s a process that can take a couple of weeks to a few months but it will pay off well once it begins to happen. If you think you don’t have the time, think again. The fact is the exact amount of time that it takes to build a relationship with your prospects through email marketing is going to pass whether you take the steps to do it or not. The only difference is how profitable your business is at the end of that time. It’s all up to you.

The success of your email marketing project depends on three aspects of the sales process:

A. Know your lists wants
You have to know who you are selling to if you want to make money selling anything. In short, you need to know the wants, desires and interests of the people on your list. This is where you realize that everything depends on understanding the target market you have built your list around.

B. Only sell products that fit your list
When you take the time to build a targeted email list, you will have a good idea of what to sell to this list. If you have built your list by giving away a free report or e-course on fishing tips, common sense will tell you that most of the people on your list will be very interested in fishing and fishing related products.

C. Create emails that get people to visit your website
In order to be able to sell your product to your targeted prospect list, you would need to have a website in place with an effective sales letter on it. This is to better convince the buyers that they “need” your product and that they “can’t do without it”.

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