Creating an Affiliate Shop With OsCommerce


The problem with shopping carts

I tried a few shopping carts like zen-cart and Prestashop.

The problem that I had with these are that they show you an “Add to Cart” button, or if you change the setting to a catalogue, it does not display the price.

Enter osCommerce

I installed OsCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.3

In the beginning I had the same problem as before. With each product, it displays the “Add to Cart” button.

As you do not actually have the product to sell, and want the client to be directed to the supplier’s website, I had to find a way to remove the button.

The solution to remove “Add to Cart” button

After doing a lot of searching, I found a way to remove the “Add to Cart” button.

I found an add-on for osCommerce that remove the button and replace it with a “sold out” image.

It is called “show-soldout-v1.2-for 2.3

Just install it, and make sure that you enter your products with zero (0) quantities.

Manipulating the add-on

The add-on works very well. No more “Add to cart” button, but it displays “Sold Out”

I do not want the product to be displayed as “Sold Out”.

I created another image with the text “Check this out”. You can create a button with your own text, but make sure that you name it button_sold_out.gif.

This is the image that you need to upload to your server.

How I got it working for me

I create my products in the catalogue.

I enter the product details. At the end of the description, I add the following code:

Click Here for complete details!

This code does the following for me.

Click Here for complete details!

It creates a hyperlink in bold text that is centered in the description.

Clicking on the link, takes the client to the product page, where the client can buy it.

The payment is made on the suppliers website, and your commission is traced back to you, as your link was used for the sale.

The negative side of this method

The only negative side of doing it this way is that you must enter all the products manually.

It is time consuming to start with, but I did not spend a cent on any software.

The positive side of this method

The positive aspect of doing it this way, is that you are not bound by 1 affiliate program.

You can have products from, e.g. ClickBank and Plimus.

This may be a time consuming way of creating an affiliate shop, but starting out this way, saved me a lot of money.

The other positive is, that as you create the item for your shop, you learn something about the products you sell as well.

This is my first article that I have written, but I do hope that some of you may find it helpful.

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