Creating a Profitable Email Marketing Campaign


Solo Email Advertising can really help grow your business and be very profitable. I believe it’s one of the fastest ways to grow your email contact list and the fastest ways you can make money online right off the bat.

But, there are some things you need to know before you can create a profitable email campaign. Sending an email blast is easy but it does take a little thought on how you craft your email for maximum profit potential.

Today, I will outline some key points you need to do when you craft an email to make it a success.

The key points here are; Crafting a great headline, Creating an intriguing body copy, and sending the email to a ultra-targeted email list.

Let’s go right into your headlines.

Crafting a Great Headline:

I like to make this as simple as possible so there are two main ways you need to create your headline. Weird or serious! These two ways have shown very profitable and it gets people to open your emails. Remember, your first goal is to get people to open your emails.

“Weird Headlines” are a great way to go because they cause your open rates to soar through the roof. An example of a weird headline would be, “Dog Training: Man Speaks To Dog and Will Show You How”.

This headline is weird and seems to not make the person deciding to open your email think it’s a sales email. People are always curious about things so that’s what this strategy takes advantage of. The thing you must remember is when you use this type of headline, make sure that your body copy as something to do with your headline.

“Serious Headlines” are also a great way to go. These types of headlines are like, “5 ways to lose weight before summer” or ” Weekly Video: Top 7 ½ Ways to Craft A Profitable Email”. These emails must be targeted as always. People like to open these because they know exactly what is in the email.

You have to remember that people delete a lot of emails and your headline must intrigue someone so much to open your email. Once they do, then you have to capture their attention with your body copy.

Body Copy:

I like to follow a simple four step process when doing this.

1.) Your first line should be intriguing and want to make the reader, read more. You only have about 5 seconds to catch your readers attention anyway so make it good.

2.) Your body should be stirring up curiosity. Your whole goal here is to get people interested in clicking your link to learn for example, “5 ways to lose weight before summer”. This link will bring them to a sales page that gives a presentation about the 5 ways to lose weight. If the presentation goes into a sales pitch, you may make a sale. You need to make people feel like the world is ending if they do not click your link.

3.) Always add a P.S. Line to your email. People often look at the p.s before they read the email. So make it a strong call to action and put your link in it.

4.) Be sure to include your link at least 4 times in the email to make sure people click.

Targeted Email Lists:

When sending an email to a solo directory, you must target the right audience. is a great resource for sending solos and targeted audiences. Once you send your solo, you must track your results. Usually the solo directory will show you real time results and proof of click through. Keep track of them. For example, if a lot of people click to open your mail, you have a good headline. If people then click through to your site, then you have a curiosity generating body copy. If people are not buying your products, then you may have a wrong list or demographics. This is simple to change, just experiment with different lists.

I know, it may be a little expensive, but that’s the game guys. You have to be willing to put up some money to track and see which campaign works bests. If you don’t do this, you will struggle online for a long time with no results. Do what good business owners do, they do what is best for their business.

Now, go out there and get the job done and make some money!

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