Creating a Marketing System That Runs On Autopilot – Part II


Instead of sending your prospects to a full fledged website that offers your products or services, you may want to create a squeeze page. A squeeze page is a one page landing page that has as its main purpose to capture leads. Specifically, the names and email addresses of your e-commerce website visitors so that you can further follow up with them by sending them emails at different intervals via your autoresponder.

Most people usually don’t buy from you the first time that they visit your site. It is only after repeated contacts do they become familiar with you and are comfortable and confident enough to make a purchase. By the way this is usually after around the 4th or 5th contact from you. Since this is the case, rather than lose the prospect, it is best to have their contact information in your autoresponder data base so that you can follow up with them and develop a rapport which will hopefully lead to them to becoming a lifelong customer. As with the scheduling of your email blasts, you can also schedule your autoresponder follow up messages to be delivered on the days and the time that you decide.

An 800 number with a 24 hour pre-recorded message is another tool that you can use that will enable your marketing system to run on autopilot. Having an 800 number with a prerecorded message allows your prospects to anonymously find out about your business and what you can offer them by simply phoning in and listening to a message that’s available to them 24/7. It also can be a great way to prescreen your prospects.

A company that I use and highly recommend that is reasonably price and offers 800 numbers and has an efficient system that will allow you to set up multiple 24 hour pre-recorded messages is

Now if you don’t like the idea of directing your prospects to a pre-recorded message, you can use a live answering service that’s available 24/7. A company that I highly recommend for this service is You can create your own custom made script that a PatLive receptionist will read from and follow to the T when your prospects or customers call in. Another great service that Pat Live offers is they can take your customers orders right over the telephone. If you have an e-commerce website that has a simple ordering process they can link directly to your site for easy order fulfillment.

Utilizing the services of a virtual assistant (VA) is another method that you can use to enable your marketing system to run on autopilot. So what exactly is a virtual assistant? A virtual assistant or a VA is generally a self-employed person that provides professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients from a home office.

A virtual assistant can handle any task remotely and they don’t have to be “on site”. A computer and an internet connection make this all possible. You can communicate instructions for tasks that you need to be completed via email, Skype, instant messaging etc. Virtual assistants are real flexible in terms of time and will work at all kind of hours to suit your needs unlike a regular employee.

I use virtual assistants all the time and they are much more cheaper to use than a regular employee. In fact, in most cases I utilize virtual assistants located in the Philippines to handle a majority of my tasks. The great thing about outsourcing your tasks to the Philippines is that you can hire A level talent at a fraction of the cost or at a discount because of the differences in currencies and economics. A reliable site that I use to hire outsourcers from the Philippines is because they offer a credible and reliable service.

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