Creating A List Made Easy, Why and What You Need to Start a List


How would you like to interact with others who share your passion, whether that be an online marketing business, offline business or hobby? Even better, how would you like to make money from interacting with these people? If you answered yes to either or both of those questions then you need an email list. The reason for this is because email continues to be the single most effective way to connect with other people online and make money. The saying in the online business world among the top marketers is “The money is in the list.”

The advantage email marketing has over other forms of marketing is it doesn’t require monitoring by the potential client. Most people check their email several times a day and that enables you to market to them on autopilot. You do not need to update daily in order to remain relevant like you would with social media. Email does not cost a lot of investment in money and time like traditional or direct mail marketing either.

An email list is the still most relevant and cost effective way to connect and promote products and services to potential clients. In spite of what some people are saying that email marketing is dead and being replaced by other methods such as text messaging, instant messaging, etc. The facts show that email marketing is still where the money is. Most people still have at least one email account that they monitor on a regular basis and this is also how most people do business.

Is there any doubt in your mind as to how relevant email is? Have you checked your email recently? If so, then you already know how important email remains to the average individual.

A large email list is the key to and beginning steps to making any kind of money online with absolutely any program you are promoting. When you have a list of thousands of contacts, which is not difficult by the way, you can expect a percentage of people to respond to any single email you send out promoting a product, service, or link to a blog or other relevant content.

Creating your list requires a target market. For instance if you are going to start a campaign in the health and fitness area then you will need to target people who are looking to improve their health in one way or another. You will then need to segment that list even further by finding out just what it is your target audience is looking for. IE, arthritis cures, diabetes cures, heart healthy diets etc.

Once you have a list of loyal customers, contacts or followers interested in what you are offering then you can promote an endless supply of niche-related products, services or links in order to drive response.

You can create multiple campaigns and have different lists depending on what you are promoting. You should promote various products in a vast array of niches in which case you will most definitely need multiple lists in various niches. There is a tool that will help you keep track of all these different campaigns and lists that we discuss a little later in this chapter.

When you continue to add new people to your list, you can create an effective sales funnel that can earn you some phenomenal profits. There are both free and paid ways to add people to your list. If you are starting out with a low, or no marketing budget, you need not be concerned. You can start with free list-building techniques and after you start to make money with your list, you can reinvest a portion of your revenues into paid list-building techniques so you can make even more sales and keep making money indefinitely.

Just because you have a regular email account does not make you familiar with what an email list is and how it works. As a matter of fact most email programs will not let you send out a large amount of emails to a big list because there is no way of keeping track of the list efficiently.

Also you cannot schedule when an email will go out to a large audience. You will get complaints from the servers and a myriad of other issues. To manage a list that large, you need some help in the form of an autoresponder. This is software that you buy that takes care of most of the tedious administrative tasks that come with managing your list, such as sending out emails according to a pre-established schedule, collecting email addresses of new subscribers, distributing your free giveaways, directing traffic to the appropriate sales and thank you pages as well as many other tasks that you cannot do with your regular email account.

Your autoresponder will also provide you with valuable data that you can use to better manage your online business, such as how many people actually click through from the emails you send out, which users always delete your emails without reading them, even how long the average user spends reading your emails before clicking off. You can use data like this to fine tune your email promotions so that they are converting better and connect more effectively with a larger percentage of your list.

While there are dozens of autoresponders out there that you can get, there are three that offer the best array of services at the most affordable prices:

โ€ข PureLeverage

โ€ข Aweber

โ€ข GetResponse

Getting a high-quality autoresponder is sort of like being a business owner who hires a hard-working, efficient and honest assistant to run the day to day email operations for you. Once you give the autoresponder the general directions you want, it can easily and effectively handle most of the time-consuming administrative duties automatically, so you can focus on the larger “big picture” issues related to running your business.

The next thing you will need is an effective Capture Page to start that list of loyal followers who will buy your products or services. You will discover in the next chapter how to get these Capture Pages up and running so you can collect those emails.

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