Create Viral Content With 3 Simple SEO Guidelines


When you write articles and submit them online, that is your representation of you to the rest of the world. To build a strong reputation upfront always aim to provide a service FIRST and optimize later. Google has changed their algorithms and search crawlers are now a lot more aware of spamming methods and old link baiting tricks. It’s important to create quality content because above all this purely offers a free service to anyone, beneficial for Google in their methods and slowly builds your website’s Page Rank. Create viral content that’s high quality, relevant, and creatively articulated. Eventually as you practice and implement these skills on a continual basis, your passion for writing will be rediscovered.

1. ) Quality – Creating quality content is highly important to search engines nowadays. With so many changes in Google’s algorithm’s and so many fighting over the first pages of Google, it’s extremely crucial to have something new and of high value. Quality content will always dominate on Google search engines with your targeted keyword. To create viral content consider the following qualities:

Create lots of information covering all aspects of what you’re targeted educational goal is for the reader. Strong educational content allows the user to make a better formulated decision in your favor.

Follow general user friendly experience through organization. Use paragraphs, bullets, photos, videos, infographics and call-to-action buttons. Allow the user to easily navigate through and find the information they’re looking for. Call to action buttons leave room for your content to be shared through various social media networks.

Have longer articles. It’s more writing but the payoff is a lot more rewarding because people like to stay on your site to learn more, instead of having to go somewhere else because a smaller article didn’t cover what they were looking for. Create viral content with intent of servicing the readers first ALWAYS.

2. ) Relevancy – Relevancy is important for two reasons. One, being it builds strong credibility with your readers because your words sound naturally articulated. Second, search engines place highly relevant websites onto their top pages because it gives their consumer’s exactly what they want. Relevancy will be trust with search engines, but I admit it’s weird that they can think in that fashion. What’s relevant:

Take an informative approach that’s organized and split each section of information up amongst the proper categories. It’s also easier for readers to find what they’re looking for.

Create viral content that aligns and honors the title, summary, targeted keywords, and keyword backlinks associated with the post/blog/article. It’s all about creating a good first impression, do that by honoring what it is you chose to put and represent on your site.

Create How To Do lists and Write reviews these are examples of a clear goal and that’s how a relevant article is easily identified. Clear objectives creates a simpler user friendly experience.

3. ) Anchor Text – Anchor text is the main keyword that’s displayed when you click on any link. It’s extremely important and vital to building your page rank, developing trust with search engines, and pushing your keywords onto the first pages of Google. When you create viral content always leave room in your articles for adding anchor text keywords so you can easily direct your readers to more relevant information. Relevant anchor text keyword backlinks that link to other high quality posts, pages or sites with your targeted keyword is a good way to educate new visitors on your targeted topics and various niches. What’s considered relevant & important:

Create anchor text keyword backlinks for all your targeted keywords. This helps build search engine rankings because Google search crawlers count these back links, just as importantly as they do external back links from other sites. Bottom link, the more keyword targeted high quality links you build the more traffic you bring to your site.

Create viral content by only using links for keywords that are relevant and flow with the body of the article. It’s important not to spam and link a bunch of random words because it can create a non-user friendly experience, but make it easily accessible for new visitors to learn more about your targeted topic related to long tail keywords.

Make sure that your anchor text keyword backlinks are linking to HIGH QUALITY RELEVANT posts. Link new posts to your older posts and vice versa, follow relevancy that aligns with the goal of the article and create viral content through natural link building. This always wins the trust of search engines and in a way allows them to consider your website to be placed on the first pages before others. One of the many ways computers “thinking” nowadays.

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