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If you’re an AWeber user you’ll know that it’s primarily used for capturing names and email addresses, building a database through online forms on your site and also sending out newsletters and auto responders…

Well did you know that you can also create popups on your site?

Another way to add about 10% opt-in rate to your website you have is by adding an exit pop up.

Yes ok, they are annoying, but THEY WORK! really they do!

There are great tools out there, my favourite being (and the most popular) PopUpDomination – it’s a premium plugin for WordPress (and you can get it for normal sites too). If your funds are low and you perhaps want to test the water… did you know that you can create pretty cool popups with AWeber?

No? well you can! here’s how!

Log into your account and select the list you want to create a web form for.

Go to the Web Forms tab

Create a webform as normal…

Just underneath where you select your templates there’s a little drop down that you probably ignore called “Type”.

Click it… go on…

Look what you get…

Choose from the list the one you prefer… I use the Lightbox as it greys out the rest of my site so that the pop up is prominent. But just have a play as it is down to personal preference.

Once you have selected your preferred pop up you can customise the delay in the pop up from someone accessing your site i.e you can leave it at zero if you want it to appear right away or you can put it on a delay of 10, 20, 30 seconds… I would experiment and see what works for you. Mine is on 17 seconds. I think it gives enough time for someone to just read a small blog post and not get too distracted by the popup… I hate it when they appear right away.

You can also customise how the box appears on your site, if can just pop up, or it can fade in, slide in… again all personal preference!

But it’s a great way to get people signing up to your list (don’t forget to get offer them a freebie in return… as a thank you!)

Now go popping!

p.s want to add it to your WordPress blog? simple grab the java code from AWeber, add a new text widget to the widget section and paste it in the body of the text widget (leave the header of the widget blank so that it doesn’t show up on your sidebar!)

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