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Not too long ago, being found on the Internet worked liked this; you have a website, I have a website, let’s link to each other’s site. That technique will not help you much these days as the rules of page ranking on Google most definitely have changed!

Having inbound links is very important; actually inbound links are king!

Gone are the days when a website has links of a friend’s website or other interesting and amusing sites. It is in the website owner’s best interest to remove all links that do not positively affect their page rankings. This means getting rid of the chaff and actively seeking and encouraging the great and good; so, what are the good links?

Larry Page, one of Google’s founders, created an algorithm that assigned a numerical value to a website or page. This numerical value, expressed as a number between 0 and 10, indicates the popularity of a website, or web page, based on its relevance, authority, and clear meaning as it matches the implied intent or keywords of a search. This numerical value is referred to as the PageRank.

It is important to make your website search engine friendly. If your site offers a product or service, one way to increase the Page Rank is to provide a link to the vendor of the product or service and any review site(s).

Your primary customer is your human user, so any information provided to increase the perception in the mind of the searcher, of you as a trusted advisor, will increase the chances that the searcher will likely buy your product or service.

Trust is built by providing items like pictures or videos so that the searcher can see you are real and not a scam.

Your being perceived as an advisor is built by providing information so that the searcher can determine you are very knowledgeable and can help the searcher make a purchasing decision.

This will increase your Page Rankings, make your website a success, and with hypnotic writing and a call to action, you will get the searcher to take the action you desire.

Another way to increase your Page Rankings is by your Social Rank. There is evidence that Google is paying close attention to Social Ranking which is how others share your content. Google has already submitted an application to obtain a patent for their algorithm that determines the overall rank of a website using the concept of Social Rank.

Simply, the more your content receives votes, is shared, and or is linked to other sites, the higher your Social Ranking.

The first step to increase the Social Ranking of your website is to ensure you have a website where you can post your content.

The next step is to create a Social Medial Blueprint where you discover the social media networks that are like minded and understand the specific interests of the communities within these social media sites.

The third step is to create content (text, audio, video, photo(s), and slideshows) that is entertaining, enlightening, and or educational.

The final step is to engage the members of the various networks and communities with your content. Follow best practices about soft link building; this is to essentially promote yourself and content to the audience in the networks and communities, promote others, and engage and interact with network and community members.

Just remember the cardinal rule of Social Media – rewarding others begets being rewarded in social media.

Here is a tip for you to do early in your efforts to become an Internet Marketing professional.

Go to and be sure to download the Firefox toolbar and associated tools such as SeoQuake, so that you can monitor the Page Rankings of your web site and each page on your web site. Take the necessary action, as described above, including efforts to obtain an abundance of inbound links, in order to be No 1 on Google.

In order to help you, I will continue to publish articles with tips and techniques I have obtained and learned from My Go-To-Market Partners as I became an Internet Entrepreneur and built aspenIbiz, my online business, along with my various Web 2.0 properties and affiliate web sites. Together, these tips will provide a traffic formula that will improve your Page Ranking and drive qualified leads to your website.

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