Create a Personalized Subscriber Experience


Creating a personalized subscriber experience helps increase sales and allows you to develop long-term relationships that could become very profitable. But how do you tailor email content to match subscriber wants, needs and expectations? Start by reviewing past sales data.

What Past Sales Can Tell You

Gather sales analytics for the past six months (or however long you’ve been in business) to see which products those on your subscriber list purchased the most. You can also see when they purchased these items.

This information gives you a better idea of the types of product purchased so you can send email messages that promote similar products to subscribers. You will also learn the best times to send these messages.

If you have a large subscriber list, break your list into smaller segments based on age, gender, geographic location or by interest. This way, you can create bulk emails for specific segments in addition to sending messages to specific subscribers. Other segments include:

· Those who make purchases often

· Those who rarely make purchases

· Those who take advantage of discounts

· Those who purchase more during holidays

Review sales data every six months to get a better idea of which products sell most often and how quickly. This will help you create better promotions and determine when to offer discounts.

Put Your Plan Together

Decide whether to send mass email to specific segments or to individual subscribers on your list (this depends on the size of your list, the time you have to create individual messages and what you plan to offer). Set aside some time to draft unique content for your messages. The idea is to offer a discount or promote similar products to those purchased before.

Address the message using the subscribers first name and open with a warm greeting. Tell them why they’re receiving the message (‘As a loyal customer,’ ‘Since you ordered from us in the past, we thought you would like this,’ ‘Please use this coupon to place another order with us’) and include a call to action that states how long your special offer will be effective or to act now if reordering a product (this is effective with items such as skin care products or other products with expiration dates).

Other Ways to Personalize Email Messages

Other ways to personalize email messages include:

· Sending special offers on subscribers birthdays

· Sending additional discounts after receiving an order

· Asking for feedback on recent order

· Sending reorder reminder

Personalizing email messages is just another way to connect with subscribers. As your business grows, you will see other ways to create these connections while increasing sales.

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