Could Less Be The New More For Your Online Marketing Business?


All of us it seems are working harder than ever. We constantly have to do more for less despite having every convenience to make our lives easier.

No sooner do we get ahead something comes along to take us two steps back. So what can you do to redress this and make your life worth more to you?

According to Richard Koch, author of the 80-20 Principle you get 80 percent of our pleasure or happiness from just 20 percent of your activities. The rest is just ‘stuff’ you have to do to get by.

But what if you could change that? If you could tap into some of that 80 percent that just gets lost in the ether of life. Would that make a difference to you?

Maybe you’d like more time with your family? Give up a job you hate? Devote more time to what you really want to do rather than being at someone else’s beck and call.

If that strikes a chord with you then an online business can give you something precious back. The time to do what’s important to you.

So why not explore the possibilities like me and take a look at Copy and Profit Blueprint I’ve been unpacking for you to get an idea of what’s required.

So far I’ve shown you how to identify a market, come up with ideas for short and valuable reports and develop them. You’ve also been told about domain names and the first six parts of creating a mini-sales letter.

Having added testimonials to the sales copy you now need to emphasise the benefits by adding..


These are listed to drive home why the reader should buy the report. You underline how it will solve a problem, overcome an issue it can also have a hot button to seal the deal.

With bullet points remember to stress the benefits and not the features, highlight the particulars and not the generalities, as well as emphasise the majors and not the minors.

After this you then need to have something to create a…


This is a call to action. So you could have, limited offer, only the first 50, or we are waiting for your cal now! You want them to take action and buy immediately. You are using natural human triggers rather than the usual ‘hard sell’.

This leads to a…


You must offer a guarantee of money back to remove the last barrier to a sale so if they’re dissatisfied they know they can get a refund. This shows you want them to have to absolute satisfaction.

You now must be able to..


These are instructions about how to buy a link to order the report, how the items will be delivered, and you should also include a legal and privacy statements and a disclaimer to protect you.

And finally…


It’s important to always add a P.S. Why? Because people will always read them. Some will go straight to the bottom first to see the cost and decide if it’s for them. So remember to recap the offer, underline its benefits and reinforce the call to action to buy now.

Overall you can see, writing and selling online information products is fairly straightforward and be a very lucrative business. It doesn’t take much to begin and once up and running it can work on autopilot.

This is a classic example of the 80-20 principle. If you can set up an online marketing business and do the report writing in 20 percent of your time then you can get some of the 80 percent pleasure and rewards you deserve that you currently let pass you by.

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