Cosmetic Surgery Marketing – Why You Need To Use Geographic Modifiers In Your Keyword Research


Keyword discovery is one of the most important first steps that you can use to build up a presence for your cosmetic surgery clinic online. However, there is a commonly overlooked aspect to building keyword lists for your aesthetic practice, and that’s the use of geographic modifiers.

Keyword discovery is meant to help identify search phrases that your target audience may use to find your cosmetic surgery practice. Google provides a helpful tool in identifying your main keywords. You also want to be sure to identify your search terms by competition. The more competition that there is for a given term, the more difficult it is bound to be to get search visibility for it. If you put in a given term into Google, see how many search results come up. This can help you to see what sort of search results you are competing against and can be rather eye-opening.

The last thing you want to do is to have to compete for a highly competitive, generic term such as ‘liposuction’. It’s very unlikely that even if you can get your cosmetic surgery practice website to rank for this highly competitive term, that you will attract the people in your locale. If your practice is in Dallas, people too far away most likely won’t travel a large distance to your practice. That’s where geographic modifiers come in.

Geographic modifiers are often overlooked but can be a very important element in key-phrase discovery. City names, county names, states, and countries are all geographic modifiers. Your audience is likely to search for your business using these geographic modifiers or terms because they want to find somebody locally that can fulfill their needs. This means that in your keyword discovery process, you should also include geography as part of your criteria.

For an example of this we can go back to our ‘liposuction’ search example. The searcher is obviously interested in the liposuction procedure, but they may also want to know who their cosmetic surgery providers are that carry out this procedure in their area. So they type in the keyword + the geographic modifier, which is ‘liposuction Dallas’ in this case.

Using geographic modifiers along with your keywords will attract far more potential patients to your cosmetic surgery practice website.

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