Content Is King in a Pitch-Fest World


Who else is sick and tired of pitch after pitch? Ezines, Blogs, Twitter feeds, Websites, and on, and on, and on. The actual product launches are great examples of marketing, but the sheer volume of them in the internet marketing space is deafening.

Same with Social Media, which I am still working on.

Now that everyone is starting to use the same formulas to grow their Social Media followers, it is a very busy world out there, everyone pitching their wares, with little real content.

So, what can you do? Start thinking like your actual customers would be a great start! Do you like being pitched at 247? Of course not.

Something useful would be a nice change, wouldn’t it? Or something entertaining added into the mix?

Think through what you could be giving them that would help them, hook them, get them more involved with you and your business, or keep them coming back for more. You could try:

* A simple 4 page print newsletter instead of always using email.

* Create an eBook of your best blog posts or articles, and give it away to your existing leads, and/or use it to generate new leads.

* Turn your eBook into a physical book. Self publishing tools make it extremely easy to do small run printing of your books.

* Interview your own people. Get insider information from your customer service people, your engineers or technical people. Talk to the sales people. The marketers. Etc. Find out 3 interesting things from each of them about their perspective on your business and products and share it with your contacts.

* Test putting together an autoresponder series that educates your clients on how to use your products and services. You could have one series for new users. One for intermediates. And one for advanced. As soon as they finish one level, offer them the next.

* Implement some form of membership program into your business. A massage therapist in the past changed his entire business model from one-off purchases to a membership-only model. From a $45 massage, to a $900 membership. Or what about the Lobster guys who went from selling $5 lobsters on the docks (with every other fisherman), to selling $3,000 memberships (and making a fortune along the way).

* Become a problem publisher. Share the fact that you are not invincible (like so many of the gurus out there pretend to be). Show them your challenges you faced, and what exactly you did to overcome them. Show the problems your customers faced, and how your products helped them overcome them. Be real. Be human. And admit you have flaws. Everyone loves a real person and detests the fake snake oil salesmen.

* Do a teleseminar series with experts in your field. Get 4 or 5 experts together and host an educational series your prospects and clients would want to be a part of. Side benefit: you have a product after you can sell or use in lead generation.

* Be unusual and outrageous in your marketing. Take California Tortilla for example. They have a fabulous newsletter (Cal Tort Taco Talk) that is exceptional. They are personal. They come up with funny contests and sayings (like their Pop Tarts a Go, Go Day, or their Wall of Flame that talks about their “Bottom in the Tub”, “Bottom in Space” and the ever-popular “Bottom in Antarctica”, hot sauces). I WISH there were more restaurants doing this actually, anyone could be having more fun with this type of approach including me.

* Create a Top 10 list or a buyers guide to help them in their decision-making process. Show them the proper way to decide on their purchase. With real content, little sales talk, and lots of personality.

* Be the first in your field to bring out a Tales-From-The-Toilet (or something like that) publication. This could be a monthly or weekly publication that comes out that shares wacky stories from around the world, and then relate those stories back to your field. Give them a laugh. Break up their day. And keep them coming back for more.

* Bring out a regular book, movie, or website review. Anyone in the marketing field needs to be an avid reader and researcher so share some of your findings! Tell them what you are reading, and what you thought. Or tell them about the movie you just saw with your kids. Or the awful experience you had last week at the mall when trying to buy clothes. The opportunities are endless to do this, all it takes is some initiative.

Break the damn rules.

Just because someone, somewhere said this is “best practice” doesn’t mean it applies 100% of the time, across 100% of the industries. For every one person seeing success with “the rules” there are just as many, or more, seeing bigger and better numbers by breaking the rules.

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