Concert Promoters and Email Marketing


The good ol’ days of concert promoting really WERE the good ol’ days. Between promoting a show on the radio-via commercials as well as ticket giveaways-and littering the local newspapers with advertisements for the show, as well as ticket prices that were affordable to the vast majority of listeners, promoters had little trouble filling theatres, arenas and stadiums.

It’s an entirely different story today. Radio stations are losing listeners by the day, albeit not nearly as fast as newspapers are hemorrhaging readers. Tickets are through the roof expensive, which locks out most casual fans as well as the diehards living on a budget.

Of course, shows are still being booked and it’s a promoter’s job to fill those seats. So what is the answer for concert promoters? Email marketing! This method combines a modern delivery with a minimal amount of cost to give promoters the best chances to lure fans to their shows.

Indeed, it’s surprising it has taken this long for a relationship to be struck between concert promoters and email marketing, which provides promoters the kind of targeted niche audience they could only dream of in the days when radio and newspapers were the preferred means of information.

Sure, promoting a show on the radio drew fans to the show, but how about the listeners who got tired of waiting for the ticket giveaway or those who weren’t interested in that particular concert? And even the biggest ad in a newspaper can be missed by a reader who is quickly scanning the pages.

But email marketing software makes it easy-not to mention inexpensive-to embark upon a concert promoter’s email marketing program. A simple and inviting subject line that dangles vital concert information guarantees that music fans will open the email. Nobody wants to miss out on a limited time offer or the opportunity to buy tickets to a hot show!

A concert promoter’s email marketing initiative also allows the promoter to offer the type of multi-media message that is impossible on the radio or in the newspaper. Most promoters handle multiple shows, so each of these can be advertised within the body of the message. Give readers an idea of what they might expect to see live, too, by embedding YouTube links of the artists’ videos and/or concert performances.

In addition, email marketing software allows the recipients to feel as if the message was aimed directly at them while also encouraging them to forward the email to other friends who might be interested in the concert. The only thing better than going to a concert, is sharing it with a friend who is just as passionate about the headliner. Concert promoters and email marketing software can make this happen for fans across the country and, indeed, around the world.

Best of all, email marketing software is cost-effective and campaigns are easy to implement by anyone with a modicum of computer expertise, which will further allow promoters to keep costs down. Add it all up and it’s clear that introducing concert promoters and email marketing is the most effective way to entice fans to head out to see their favorite bands!

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