Concept of Content Being Important Is Quite Old But Equally Useful


This concept of content being important is quite old but equally useful.There are good reasons why email marketers – including retailers – should give their content strategy closer attention.

And we have a host of tools that make it easy for them to alert these networks and communities to our messages. Share this, like this, Tweet this, Digg this, forward this…shout it out from the top of the nearest tall building. We know more people than ever before are actively engaged in private and public networks and communities.

All of which is very exciting for marketers wanting to extend the reach and influence of their messages.

As choice grows online, so it becomes harder for people to distinguish between sources of information, products or services.

You can send me all the promotions you like, but if I’m not ready to buy right now,then…I’m not ready to buy right now. You’ll get your two seconds worth of awareness building (not to be underestimated), but that’s it.Quality content is one additional way to stand out from the morass of sites and senders seeking to grab the attention of your audience.

Order confirmations, shipping notes, review requests, refill reminders, upsells etc. all touch the recipient positively, but are still limited by the confines of a transactional context.

Quality content adds a further dimension to messaging. It provides value without demanding much (or anything) in return. It gives people a reason to engage more with your emails, building more awareness and more loyalty.

A carefully chosen image that touches the emotions of the viewer…is quality content.

Consider quality content simply as any element in the message that provides standout value to the recipient (aside from the inherent “value” of any offer).

A badly written 2-line customer product review that highlights an issue with one use of a product, but recommends an alternative…is quality content.

An email that makes you laugh (with the sender, not – hopefully – at them)…is quality content.

Emotional impact is one aspect that’s often neglected. It can derive from the content itself (like that stunning photo), but also from the setting for that content: the style, design, personality of the content (e.g. offer, article) or content holder (e.g. email template).

Now that we’re not trying to win journalism prizes, we also realize that content creation need not be difficult or expensive either.

Right words in the right situation can provoke a reaction and capture attention equal to that done by images or pictures.

We are always more concerned about our mailing lists, or how to send it, when to send it or its design or what it is that we want to say, but the type of words we should use, are often the last thought.

An image may surely be expressive worth a lot of words but if you hire a professional writer this would not be the case.

Words can play different roles in writing an email for marketing. Let’s throw some light on the different possibilities of the power of words.

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