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The times of lazy marketing are over – this refers to the mass delivery of your corporation’s products and services to a large amount of contacts. This process isn’t targeted or imaginative and will lead to failure. It can be costly in terms of the reputation of your delivery and will ultimately lead to unforgiving consequences to your online presence.

It is just as important to build and keep interaction with your existing clients as it is to gain new ones. The secret is to maintain a strong relationship with both existing customers and prospects by regular and relevant contact. Regular e-mail newsletters build a good reputation with your customers and maintain contact.

You can achieve engagement through a variety of ways. Delivering a company newsletter with valuable ideas, guidance and buzz news illustrates you are the ‘friendly face’ of your industry. For example, readers will regard you as a corporation that offers good advice and can help with any concerns that they may have. This association makes any future sales opportunities much easier. Press releases are a bit more formal, but can have the same effect as a newsletter.

You will also benefit from writing a regular blog, running contests and from social networking. These all encourage feedback, giving both prospects and clients alike, an environment to air views and exchange opinions. There is huge power in viral marketing. Comical videos and e-mails can be spread across the world instantly with the click of a mouse. If this relates to your corporation and services your publicity will rocket.

The steps above keep your company’s name in the clients’ mind, and as a result is great brand building for your corporation. Your competition will be doing the same so it is critical that you continue to nurture your connections.

The design of your e-mail is important. Ensure there is clear call to actions e.g. signing up to an e-mail newsletter, path to a webpage, requesting extra detail or a call back. A ‘forward to a friend’ link raises circulation and offers an opportunity for referral.

It works to nurture your clients, but reasonable ROI is only reached in time. A committed marketing team is essential to continue building this communication with your prospects and clients. It is to be seen as an important factor in a longer plan and can’t be used as a speedy fix.

It is hard work to nurture and engage continuously with your client’s but the investment will create a bonus in terms of an advance in brand awareness and eventually increased sales.

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