Coaching Business: Why Expanding Your Email Marketing List Is Important


Here’s the truth about internet marketing; the money is in the list. Unless you get hundreds and thousands of people to subscribe, there’s no way that you’re going to make decent sales. You see, it takes an average of 5 follow-ups before you can get people to buy from you and you cannot make this happen if you don’t have their contact information?

Here’s how you can create and boost your email marketing list:

First step is to drive enormous traffic to your website. You need to get people to pay you a visit before you start convincing them to sign up to your list. For this, I would recommend information marketing. This is important because people these days are using the internet mainly because they would like to be informed. If you offer them with answers, solutions, tips, in-depth explanation, and advanced techniques, you can be assured that they’ll pay attention. Not only that, they’ll also most likely to take you very seriously.

Get your visitors to sign up. Present a sign up form to those people who visit your website and blog. Make it as simple as possible. Ask for your visitors’ full name and email address. Then, offer valid reasons to sign up. Telling them that by signing up, they’ll get free useful newsletters from you every week will surely help.

Offer freebies. There’s no better way to convince people to sign up than giving them freebies. These could be short eBooks, reports, or newsletters. It will help if you tell them ahead of time what kind of information or benefits they can expect to get from your freebies. If you’re not getting enough sign ups after doing this, consider giving out free short seminars and free short coaching sessions. I can guarantee you that it will make a huge difference on your sign up rate.

Provide an assurance. Some people online are hesitant to share their contact information to eSellers because they don’t want to receive spam emails or worst, get virus from the things they were asked to download. So, give your prospects an assurance that you will not any of these to them. Also, give them a guarantee that you will not share their contact information with other people. Telling them that they’re free to unsubscribe anytime will give them peace of mind.

Secure an expert status in your niche. You know, a lot of people would be happy to sign up to your newsletters if you’re known as a guru who can provide them with useful information. So, learn how to promote yourself not just an expert in your niche but a trustworthy, capable coach as well. You can do this by showing off your in-depth knowledge through content based marketing solutions. Write and distribute articles, update your blog with new posts everyday, conduct free seminars, and provide answers and solutions on relevant blogs, forums, and other online communities.

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