Claiming Your Place on Google Places, Manta and LinkedIn


Let’s say you’re looking for a good Chinese restaurant in Columbus, Ohio. You search Google and find a series of results that look…different. Instead of “regular” listings you see a list of phone numbers, addresses, reviews, maps and links that say “Places Page”.

Welcome to Google Places.

The last few weeks we’ve received calls that go something like this: “Someone just called us and said they are on our website but there’s some blurry picture of our building and a bunch of reviews on it and ads from our competitors.”

Welcome to Google Places.

Whether or not you know it, your business probably has a listing on Google Places. If you haven’t claimed the profile, then that page is going to be comprised of information Google pulls from various sources. That means your hours of operation might be incorrect, or your address may be wrong, or your phone number may be outdated. And since these pages tend to rank very well in Google local searches, often in the very top position, it means this is often the first impression you make online to a potential customer. And while you know that the Places page is not your official website, your potential customers and clients might not.

So how can you claim your profile? It’s simple:

  • Go to Google and search for your company name, city and state.
  • Click on the link next to your name that says “Place Page.” On the top left side of that page you’ll see a link that says “Business Owner.”
  • From here, you can claim your listing and make sure your information is presented as accurately as possible.

While you’re at it, you’ll want to claim your profile on Based in Columbus, Ohio, Manta is the third-most visited business website on the Internet, hosting 25 million visitors or more per month. To claim your Manta profile, search for your company name on Manta and then click on “Edit Company Info” on your company page.

Why is Manta important? In addition to attracting a huge number of visitors, Manta also ranks extremely well in searches. Go to Google and search on your company name followed by the word “profile” – you will probably find that your listing on Manta outranks your own website.

Finally, take a look at your LinkedIn company profile. To find your LinkedIn profile, simply select “Companies” from LinkedIn’s top drop-down menu and search on your company name. Visit the LinkedIn company page and start editing.

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