Choosing an Ecommerce Package


This is not an area where cheapest or simplest is likely to be the best!

The companies that provide these packages have to make compromises recognize that:

  • That there is a direct conflict between offering a simple package and offering a multi-faceted package;
  • Low cost and comprehensive are mutually exclusive.

So there can be no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the ideal package. In the medium and long term we can conclude

  • That ‘cheapest’ will rarely be best and
  • That ‘simplest’ to start with is likely to be most limited in the medium to long-term.

The Basic Questions

There are basic questions you need to answer for yourself before you even look at the various packages

Your Forecast

What sort of site will my business need in

  1. two year’s time and
  2. in five years?

Your Market

Who are you selling to

What medium will your customers use?

  1. Desk or laptop
  2. Tablet
  3. Mobile Phone?

Your Business

How will you

  1. Manage your book-keeping
  2. Process your orders
  3. Control your stock and supply chain?

Your eCommerce Package is part of your working system, part of the system that includes your book-keeping, sales, order management, accounting and supply chain management..

Whether you’re a big business or just a corner shop, somehow, somewhere, all these functions have to be performed and they might as well be performed with a minimum of back office input.

An integrated package may cost more than the basic, but if it links seamlessly to your other packages or better still performs these functions for you it is money well spent.

Your time is too valuable to spend on needless administration.

Your media

As a grammatical nicety we can say that ‘media’ is the plural of ‘medium’ and that is a nice way of saying your site has to function on at least 3 different layouts: on

  • a lap or desk top
  • a tablet or similar
  • on a smartphone,

By common consent of all the technical literature, this is by far the fastest growing market for some forms of online trading.

Is your business one of them?

All of the reputable providers claim to accommodate this, but use the 30 day ‘free trial’ period to test this out and see how well each provides for your specific requirements.

eCommerce Hosts

And in conclusion remember that this is a buyer’s market: the competition is intense and the service levels improve almost daily, so test out your choice before finally committing to one.

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