Chain Restaurants And Email Marketing


Well, not always. Chain restaurants have absorbed plenty of budget cuts during this seemingly never-ending recession, just like every other business, and are being asked to do more with less (sound familiar?). Fortunately, there is a cost-effective solution for these chain restaurants: email marketing!

Indeed, once a chain restaurant invests in the software necessary to implement an email marketing campaign, it will wonder how it ever lived without this bit of technology! The software is a worthwhile addition, one that will bolster the bottom line in every conceivable way.

First, it is inexpensive to purchase, implement and maintain-there is no need to hire additional staff to oversee the project. Email marketing software makes sending advertisements, updates, and reminders as easy and cost-effective as possible. This is no small consideration in an era in which belt-tightening is happening everywhere.

Secondly, email marketing ensures the message is delivered straight to the target audience. While television ads and newspaper ads have been the preferred advertising method of chain restaurants for decades now, it is far too easy, thanks to TIVO and DVR, to skip commercials that air on TV-even the high-priced ones you might see during a Super Bowl or another highly ranked extravaganza! And with newspapers shrinking by the day, readers are likely to skip over a chain restaurant’s ad even if they don’t intend to do so.

But with email marketing of chain restaurants, the advertisement is delivered straight to a recipient’s inbox. In other words, with people in the 21st century keeping their email open 24 hours a day, these messages are certain to get to the intended party.

The software also makes it more likely that people will click the message and read its contents. Personal salutations, both in the subject line and in the first line of the message, provide an additional incentive for those on the receiving end to read the email.

The direct delivery of these messages is unbeatable, as is the type of advertising it provides. These messages offer a three-dimensional view of the restaurant that television and newspaper ads simply cannot match. In addition to containing information such as address and hours of operation, an email marketing message can also include the entire menu, list specials and include photos of people enjoying themselves at the restaurant as well as video commercials for the establishment.

It’s a new world in terms of economics and advertising and chain restaurants need to adapt to and stay current with the times. The best way to do so is with the email marketing of chain restaurants. Look into this excellent marketing alternative today!

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