Catchy Email Subject Line


Subject lines are important as one sees them even before the mail is opened! It certainly draws the attention of the reader. Emails with poor subject titles are rarely opened as one is always short of time to go through all the mails, one by one. It is really an art to get a stranger completely drawn to your main content by an irresistible subject headings. Subject line of the mail demonstrates your communication skill. Mails with vague or irrelevant headings are ignored or deleted. Given below are few techniques by which you can make your subject titles, more attractive and irresistible to the readers.

1. Subject headings must be specific. It should be clear about its relevance. Think yourself as the reader and ask if you would really bother to read a mail after looking at its subject line. Give a brief description of the benefit of opening and reading the mail in the subject line itself.

2. It should relevant to the reader; after all, you can’t sell ice to an Eskimo. People ignore mails that don’t relate to them.

3. It must mention an action in it, like if you want the reader to reply, you should clearly mention “Please reply” in the subject line. If you need them to review the mail then you should write “Please review”. If you want the reply by a date, then clearly mention it on the subject line.

4. A catchy subject line makes a promise. Make sure it is something desirable.Let the reader knows that there is something irresistible in the mail for them if they open and read it! We work for money. We work out in the gym to look good and have more energy. Likewise, people buy products for results, nothing else. By inserting interesting titles or sub-titles, you develop expectation in the recipient’s mind.

5. Use power words. Words like-Exclusive, Shocking, Uncovered, Fast, Guaranteed, Amazing, Secret and etc. This will encourage people to read on. The above given words have psychological effects that appeal to the reader.

6. Be realistic in the email headings. If your subject line is like “Earn 10000000 million in 1 day”, nobody is going to read further as it is impossible.

7. Never trick the customer. Lines like “Shocking photo of Maria Sharapova” may get opened but they don’t serve the purpose of marketing and you will lose credibility in the long run.

8. Add a deadline to your email headline. Words like “for the next 10 hours” “Only for the first 10” etc. are very effective. Power words with deadlines are deadly combinations!

Try these tips; I am sure they will certainly help you.

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