Capture Attention With Email Marketing


Email is now a powerful way of reaching out to the world wide web. If you can build a list of customers’ emails you can then offer new products to that list of customers when ever you want. There are many ways to build an email list, but something that’s now very popular with affiliate marketers is to publish an email newsletter.

The newsletter is then distributed to your list and you can then sell products to those subscribers. Here are a few ways to create a good email newsletter.

1: Try to stay focused.

If you can stay focused on the subject in hand a newsletter performs better than if you just try to push several products and topics all at once.

This is because if you stick with one subject you will find you get more people subscribe to your list and newsletter. You can also sell targeted products in the newsletter that the reader is more likely to purchase, if you were to publish an email newsletter on say horse riding holidays, it should perform better than a newsletter on horse riding general.

2. Sign up for a good auto-responder.

It’s important that your email newsletter gets passed all spam filters and straight into that person’s email inbox.

One of the best auto-responder on the market at the moment is Aweber but there are several, just Google search for them.

3. Do try and be consistent.

The more regularly you can publish your newsletter the better, don’t over do it every day would be a little excessive, once a week is about right.
It’s more important that you have some sort of schedule and try to stick to it. What ever your schedule is going to be, say monthly, then you must publish every month at the same date, as you readers will be expecting it to be around the same time and date for each edition.

4. Provide information that is of benefit to your readers.

Keep in mind that it’s a newsletter and not a sales paper. even though you will be throwing in a few links to your affiliate products. You could always send out another separate email with more of a sales theme to it at a different date and time.

If your readers receive useful information, they will be happy that they have subscribed to your newsletter and list, Also try to keep the information unique, if your newsletter is for readers who are interested in say wind generators, give them some news tips on some new generator parts that you have seen being by a new company.

5. Sell advertising space in your news letter.

You could place some sponsored adverts in side bar or at the bottom of your newsletter, if you start to get a popular following people will want to place an advert with you and therefore you will earn an income from your newsletter, It’s best to keep these adverts small and away from your main headlines.

6. Brand your newsletter

Ensure that the header is well designed and keep it for all your published articles. When you use colours in your newsletter header make it match the theme of your website or blog page. This way when people see your newsletter, posts, website or blog, they will associate it with your company,

7. Publish multiple email newsletters.

Top Internet marketers often publish for multiple niches that they are affiliated to, this will widen your chances of generating an income, If you concentrate on adding subscribers to each of your newsletters, you will not only increase your subscribers list but your income will rise as well.

With time and practice your newsletter will grow and if you constantly publish good content, you will find that it’s become a very valuable asset to your online business.

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