Can You Make More Money by Just Sending Emails?


Email is not just a communicating device but a powerful marketing tool-an online salesman, PR and a great motivator. Email is also your crucial communication link between your customers and you whom they trust and love.

But can you make more money by just sending emails?

Besides having a quality list of opt-in prospects that are interested in your business you need to plan your business strategy in order to take the full advantage of these names which is now in your hand.

In other words if you want to create a huge empire money-making sites you’ll appreciate the basic human buying behaviour- people buy from those they trust and like. The chances are that once you have made them your customers they will continue to buy from you again and again even if it is of a different unrelated product or services.

Powerful and emotional emails play a very important role in selling online. You don’t just sell one and only of your product and toss them aside and forget about them?

If you want to have a multiple stream of profits, be prepared to retain these satisfied customers, motivate them and sell them more of your related products they are highly likely to be interested in.

But how do you make them interested?

If your customer is interested in your niche and have bought your first product wouldn’t they’ll be interested in whatever you would recommend them of your same niche? You just have to follow-up with these buying prospects with your emails on a regular basis.

If you do not have your own products you could link them up with one or more affiliate programs you have joined. Your auto-responder could able to do your job neatly for you if you have it properly set up.

Email marketing campaign is a very versatile and marketing vehicle in that you can insert and delete any campaign at any time you like. The secret is to adjust and schedule the sending of your emails with your untiring auto-responder. Once they are your customer they will remain loyal to you. If you want to sell more to them why restrict yourself to selling to them products of services of your niche?

You could expand to sell to your loyal customers something that is not related at all to your niche or even a non-informational product if these have been what you have been selling.

As usual, you will send them emails informing them of your offer. If they buy these from you, would you let them off the hook? No, go and offer them more of these related products of these new niches.

Again with your trusty auto-responder you could add in more of these unrelated products to your campaign and set up your emails directing to them.

The advantage of email marketing campaign is that you can have a never-ending possibilities and combinations to market your products and services. You have seen that with just one customer you have created a “cash cow” that you can milk it at any time you like just by sending emails.

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