Buying On The Internet – Learn How To Avoid Being Duped When Buying On The Internet


Buying on the internet is unavoidable in modern times, although many people, especially in the developing world, are reluctant to transact any business on the internet for fear of being cheated. While they are right, avoidance is not the solution. Even in the conventional way of transacting business, there are numerous people, who have lost big sums of money in trickery. Instead of avoiding, it’s therefore important for you to be equipped with safety measures when buying items on the internet.

Did you know that buying on the internet is safer if you really learn how to identify genuine websites from fraudulent websites? I cannot know how many times I have transacted business on the internet and I would like to assert that I have never been cheated. It’s therefore my pleasure to share with you the same internet buying safety techniques I have always applied when buying on the internet from any company.

1. Before buying on the internet, establish whether the supplier is genuine and credible by checking out for his/her contact information, privacy statement, customers’ testimonials and/or feedback from customers. These details should be available on the supplier’s website. Contact information should normally include personal and business information, a personal photo, name, telephone contacts, postal and physical addresses.

2. Establish whether the supplier’s website has his own domain name and the website is hosted by a recognized professional web host. Remember that if the supplier cannot invest in his own domain name that costs as little as $ 10/-, then he is not a serious businessman. And if his website is hosted on a free server, that’s enough information for you to click away and take the money elsewhere to avoid being cheated while buying on the internet.

3. Make sure your online payment is handled properly by having your details encrypted so that they are not viewed by anyone else apart from the bank handling your transactions. Keep your credit card pin number to yourself. If you make a mistake of sending it to anyone else over the internet, you risk being cheated. Your credit card details MUST not be seen by any other person for safe buying of any item on the internet.

4. Use other methods of payment in case you have doubts with using your credit card. This will enable you to transact business without any worry of any risk.

5. Before buying on the internet from any company, make sure you understand properly the payment terms, commitments and agreements you are entering into with your supplier. Be clear on what, how and when the payments you are entering into agreement with the supplier are to be made. If there are any hidden charges, it’s important that you get to know early enough to avoid being cheated.

6. Print out your order details, receipts and other payment terms for reference purposes. For instance, you can use them to track your transactions and to reconcile your payments on your credit card statements.

7. After buying from the internet your products, get your credit card statements and make sure you check them properly to find out if they are in conformity with the payments you actually made. If there are any payments you did not really make, it’s advisable to contact your bank as well as your supplier for clarification.

8. It’s recommended that before buying any item on the internet, one should look for the security icon that is normally a small padlock found either at the top or bottom of your browser. Click on it to establish whether the supplier has a valid encryption certificate. Check for the details of the certificate and the website address, which should start with


9. Make sure your web-browser, such as Internet Explorer, is set to the highest level of security notification. For instance, if you are an internet explorer user, you can do this by clicking on the Start button, then Control Panel, then Network and Internet and then on Internet Options. Under Internet Options window you will see options that include General, Security, Privacy, Content, Connections, Programs and Advanced. You will activate your security settings under Security.

10. Find out whether you are using a recent version of your web-browser, which has better security features. If you do not have a new version of Internet Explorer, you can download it free of charge from Microsoft. The recent version of Microsoft is Internet Explorer 9.

If you take into consideration the above tips, buying on the internet will be made easier and you will be able to protect yourself against any risks. I apply the same tactics and I have never come across any problems.

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