Building Your Own Opt-In Email List Made Simple


For the longevity of your online business, you will want to start your own opt-in email list. With an opt-in email list, you can sell to prospects over and over again, and dramatically boost your conversion rates. If you’ve ever seen a marketer who is boasting about their 14% conversion rate from their product… the only reason they are attaining such conversion rates is because they’re marketing via an email list.

If you have an opt-in email list that had 10,000 leads in it, you would be seeing sales everyday. This is something that you will want to pay attention to and one day achieve for the success of your business. This is how many people are making money online – and making money in an abundance.

In today’s lesson, I want to share with you some email list building tips that you can use to grow your lead count, and start profiting from these leads right away. They are incredibly simple and easy to do, and I think you should take the time to do them now. Here’s the first tip for having success with your opt-in email list:

1) Personalize your messages

Personalization will give you a boost in conversion rates. Now understand something here… if you put up an opt-in form on your site and you only ask for the “email address”… you will get a lot of leads. If you ask for their “name” and “email address”… your opt-in subscriber rate will decrease – but you will be building a higher quality list.

I always use personalization in my messages. So far the emails that have my subscribers name in it has brought me most of my sales. So even though you could get more leads by simply asking for the email address, you should know that adding personalization will bring you more sales, and more quality leads. Here’s another tip for success with your opt-in email list:

2) Monitor your opt-in rate

I generally say that if you can get at least a 20% conversion from the leads that you are marketing to, this is good. This is especially good if you’re selling a high priced item, and people have been buying from you frequently. But in order to see more success with your product, you have to monitor your opt-in rate.

By doing this, you will know if you need to change your opt-in routine, whether you need to switch to a squeeze page, whether you need to switch to a “pre-sell” page, or whether you need to just lead them directly to your sales letter page. This is very important, and it’s something that you should keep in mind.

Opt-in email marketing is a great way to boost your sales and to earn the money in your business that you are looking for. The more marketing you do, the traffic you will get, the more leads you will get, the more sales you will get, and the more backend customers you will get. And your backend customers are a gold mine in and of itself.

Good luck with using these opt-in email marketing tips.

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