Building Trusting Relationships and Interest With Your Subscribers


In this article I am going to discuss how to build trusting relationships with your subscribers. If you build up a relationship that has developed enough trust then subscribers will more easily take the action you want them to.

We build up trust by giving away valuable content. We can do that using an email campaign because being able to send emails to people is a far more personal means of communication and it enables people to interact with you as well.

You can easily reply back personally to a questions that you have been asked and that really develops a strong relationship and a more tangible relationship. This builds a huge amount of trust in you as someone who is available and willing to help.

When you write valuable content in your emails you demonstrate your credibility as someone who is knowledgeable, someone who is an authority and someone who understands the issues that your subscribers might be dealing with. If you’ve got the experience as well then even better. Having first hand experience of what you are teaching makes your training far deeper and valuable.

As you develop your relationship with your subscribers you also need to develop an interest in what it is you’ve got to offer.

As you communicate you what your solutions are, you need to do so in an interesting way. A way that your subscribers will identify with.

Using certain words can help. Words such as “are you finding it frustrating” or “are you struggling with” or “does this sound familiar”. Using those kind of words enables people to associate with them and what you are talking about. That builds interest and anticipation as to what it is you then might be able to offer as the solution.

When you provide the solution you can do so using using different language. Words such as “imagine what it would be like if” or “how would it feel to be able to”. Those kind of words again builds more of a connection with what you are talking about.

Whenever you are selling a particular product in your business you should have an idea of what is unique about it. This also helps to build more interest.

It may be the clarity with which you’re able to demonstrate something. It may be because of your huge experience. It may be just the price that you are able to compete with your competition. It may be the way in which you package the product.

When you are building relationships with your subscribers you are also adding what is unique about you and why that makes you the person to do business with.

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