Building Trust and Relationship – Your Key to Successful Follow Up


In the internet marketing world, money does not come from selling your affiliate products. Rather, money comes from selling your trust and building a lasting relationship with your subscribers. Almost every day we watch news about people being cheated by unscrupulous scammers all over the world, including the world of internet marketing! As a result, trust has becomes very rare.

Building trust requires patience and hard work but it is not as difficult as it may seem. At least not in our situation! When visitors subscribe for our free offer, they have a little faith in us that we can help them. However, that faith is temporary and weak. This is when follow up email does the magic to boost their faith in us and eventually purchase from us.

Deliver Your Promise

The first and foremost step in building trust is to deliver your promise. For instance, if you offer your subscribers free e-book in exchange for their details; make sure you send them the download link immediately. Of course, you should also introduce yourself and welcome them to your community. Your free offer should not just contain some crappy information. It must be of value to your subscribers, in other words, it solves one of your subscribers’ problems.

Build Credibility

Continue to send follow up emails that educate your subscribers and assist them in solving their problems. Include only products that are relevant in helping them to tackle their existing challenges. Besides, provide them with a method to connect with you so that they know who to go to when they need support.

From time to time, take the initiative to solicit feedback from your subscribers. It can be a simple email asking them how they are doing lately or a survey to understand more about the problems they’re facing.

Establish Meaningful Relationship

You do not have to discuss only about business and business and business. How about your personal life? What have you been up to lately? Tell you subscribers about it to show them how honest and transparent you are in building meaningful relationship with them.

How many follow up emails should I write?

Well, how long do you want to keep in touch with your subscribers? As long as you possibly could! Therefore, upload as many follow up emails as you can and schedule when to send them. It’s up to you to send one email per day or 2-3 emails per week. I personally prefer to send emails 2-3 times per week to keep in touch with my subscribers.

To recap, before thinking about making money with your follow up emails, let’s concentrate your focus on building trust and relationship. Only with trust comes the money.

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