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With the software that’s available to today’s entrepreneur only a fool or a nerd builds an eCommercial site from scratch; Much better you employ your talents and your time thinking out your site’s design and function.

That’s not to say that learning some of the basic skills of the internet HTML5 and CSS3 – is never a waste: relying on some other person, working for a remote company with very different objectives to yours is maybe a risk too far.

A Style for your site

Your Theme: the look and feel of your site

The key issues at this stage of the project concern the look and feel of your new site. Some sites exude elegance, others energy: it depends on your target audience.

The amount of text on a page, the colour and texture of the background, the fonts used, the size and layout of your images, these are all vital elements of your ‘look’.

When you went through the stages of developing your business plan you will have fixed on your USP and defined your market. Now you have to apply this knowledge to defining the look and feel of your site.

Choosing an Approach and a Host

Your Approach:: eCommerce Package or CMS?

Anyone new to the internet might be expected to plump for one of the excellent eCommerce packages on the market, but there is also a strong case for using a CMS package to build a social networking site that would stand out from the ‘common herd’, though it will require you to invest more time – if not money, most CMS packages are Open Source Software

Choosing your (Internet) Host

Your Internet Host is the bridge between your business and the internet. They will provide you with a package suited to your application. If you opt for an eCommerce package they will offer that too.
Improving the Standards

The many ‘themes’ good as they are, cannot fully meet your requirements and you may want to change both the lay out or look to meet your needs. HTML is the grammar of the internet and controls your content, links between pages etc whilst CSS controls the look of the site.


HTML allows you to add text and artwork. It is the basis of all ‘links’ from page to page, site to site. A very basic knowledge can be very beneficial.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets

If these were called just ‘style sheets’ everybody would understand their functions. The ‘Cascading’ element tries to describe the hierarchy of style sheets: which prevail if one contradicts another.

Notwithstanding this, CSS at a basic level is simple to learn and apply.

Applying your Changes

Your FTP Client programme moves your material up and down between your computer and your internet host. Most hosts provide them with your packages but there are many open source packages.

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