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When seeking the answers for how to build an email list one of the first tasks that requires to be addressed is the need to attract targeted traffic to your website and blog. You can then offer a free inducement in return for the prospect to sign up to your email list. So it is very important to find the most suitable keywords that will attract a targeted group of online searchers.

Remember, an email list is at the heart of a successful niche online business and it is where the value is found. Build a responsive list and you will have a well to tap into when you want to boost your online income. So what keyword tools are freely available to help you help find the best targeted keywords to build your email list?

Google should be your first place to look and it offers several different means to search and locate the keywords that will best work for the niche that you are targeting. The Keyword Tool is simple to use where you can find the exact search terms people are using to find information, how many are using these per month, how competitive the term is with advertisers and also the ability to get exact or broad matches of the keyword. You don’t need a Google account to use this facility and this should be used on a regular basis to check that you are only using keywords and phrases that are regularly used by the niche itself.

The next free service offered by Google to find keywords to help build your email list is called Google Trends. Once you have some keywords you can check out their search history. This facility provides data for the last five years giving you an idea if the search term is consistent and whether it is seasonal and in which countries it is most used. This is a valuable tool to check the potential fluctuations in demand for information and products and to ensure that the interest is not slowly dying but showing consistent search statistics.

Whilst you are using these two facilities, don’t forget to sign up to Google Alerts. This is a very convenient method to stay in touch with what is hot in your niche market. All you have to do is enter the most popular keywords and phrases and Google will send you links via email to new content, stories etc. You can select the different formats such as news, web, blogs, video and groups. From this you can keep abreast of what is happening and which niche keywords and phrases are presently being used to undertake searches for information.

As you can hopefully see, with a little effort yet no expense, you can source an incredible amount of free research information about your niche and really target your audience with the exact keywords and phrases that are most popular, and also the ones that have a reasonable amount of traffic but are not being targeted so much by other information marketers. This then offers an opportunity to create unique content based around keywords and phrases that match the exact searches terms being used. By regularly creating such content, you will be able to enjoy a constant stream of targeted traffic to your website and blog, and thus steadily building an email list.

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