Build An E-Mail List From Scratch – Tempt Your Subscribers Today


When it comes to making money online, you must have a list.

Why must you have a list?

Having a list means that you have got a list of eager customers interested in what you are selling.

A lot of people do not adopt this strategy. They just find an item to sell and try to sell it online with out doing any research. They are relying on luck. This is not a very good way to sell online. There is a better way of doing this however. You need to build an e-mail list from scratch. You have to build a list of people that are interested in your niche. As well as getting a list of people you need to form a relationship with them. What do I mean by relationship? A relationship means interacting with them without selling them anything.


Before you can sell anything to them, they have to learn a bit about you and that you can be trusted. Developing this relationship will encourage them to give you their email address. Once you have their e-mail address you can start to think about trying to sell them something. However, before doing this you can get them to trust you even more by offering something that will be of benefit to them for FREE. That’s right, I said FREE.

If they can see that you are prepared to offer them help and solutions then they will trust you more. Ask them questions and reply to their e-mails. Once they realize that you can be contacted and will reply to them then you are building a relationship with them. A lot of people do not do this because it involves a bit of extra effort on your part. Put in the effort though and it will reap great rewards in sales. Selling online is not easy, although other people may tell you it is. Generally these people are the ones who are failing in their business.

Put in the effort and you WILL reap the rewards. Put in as much effort as you can to try and understand what the person wants or what problems they are having. Offer a solution to their problem and you will improve your relationship with your customer.

Keep up the relationship and they will be more willing to buy other things from you providing you offer great products that solves a problem for that person. Once you have built your relationship with your customers, keep in contact with them and offer them some more FREE solutions to their problems. Only try to sell to them about once every times of contact.

Follow these simple rules and you will be able to build an email list from scratch.

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