Boost Your Search Engine Rankings – 5 Easy Ways to the Top


Getting to the top of Internet search rankings for a particular search term maybe beyond the reach of all but the most dedicated but almost everyone can improve their search rankings with the following strategies.

Here are five easy ways to improve your search rankings without spending thousands of dollars on advertising.

Get the basics right – It’s mind boggling to see how many sites there are which haven’t even covered the simple stuff, you must have your Meta tags in place, in particular you should have keywords and a page description no matter what. Without these two simple pieces in place you’re already putting off customers without trying very hard, the keywords tell the search engine which words you consider important in the site and what you think the search terms should be and the description gives a brief and simple (160 character) description of the content. They don’t count for much in terms of ranking position but they do count.

Contribute to forums – most professional forums will allow you to contribute simply and easily, most also provide you the opportunity to leave a signature that includes your URL. Take advantage of this, but don’t write puff pieces designed to promote the site, leave substantive responses that demonstrate your understanding of your profession. People are much more likely to look up an expert than a spammer, and your cross-linking increases with each post. 5-10 minutes a day of contribution will bring real rewards.

Get rid of the glitz – yes, flash videos and sliding menus look nice but they all add to the load time of your site, since Google announced that load times will become part of their algorithm it’s time to optimise your site for load times. Dump pretty content that takes forever to load, and move to valuable incisive fast loading content that is good for users. It’s worth noting that with Apple’s increasing hostility towards Flash it’s probably not the best platform to be using anyway.

Write articles – give something away, and get something back. Article syndication sites offer the opportunity to write short helpful pieces, in exchange for enabling others to use that content for nothing, as long as they include a link to your site. This builds professional credibility and offers the opportunity for additional cross linking. One article a week can have a significant impact on your rankings, and that’s only 20 minutes of your time.

Write guest blog pieces – maintaining your own blog can be time consuming and unrewarding, even if you’re using it to drive traffic to your site. Instead of building your own presence why not write guest pieces for influential blogs in your area of expertise in exchange for a link back to your site, which offers far more exposure for much less work.

There’s no guarantee of being the top ranked site in Google, but you can certainly progress in the rankings very quickly using these simple tips.

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