Bloggers and Email Marketing


The simplicity and lack of cost involved in starting a blog creates a problem too, though: the sheer number of people writing and competing for everyone’s attention. How does a blogger distinguish him or herself from the crowd? The answer is email marketing of bloggers!

Landing readers initially is always a challenge. But once a blogger has an audience, email marketing software provides him or her a way to continue building an audience by giving readers a slightly more advanced version of forwarding a link on to someone, which is how ESPN’s Bill Simmons began establishing himself as “The Sports Guy” back in the late 1990s.

Indeed, email marketing of bloggers is-to continue the sports analogies-a slam-dunk way for writers to introduce their work to new readers. All bloggers should have contact information at the bottom of their entries. Use this blurb to let readers know email is not only the best way to correspond with the reader but also an interactive way to learn more about the blog and its author.

Use the email marketing software as a unique method of promotion. Word of mouth is a far different beast for writers these days than it was during the heyday of newspapers and magazines, when sharing the work of somebody new was as easy as handing over the print product. Email marketing of bloggers ensures that writers who are making their way in new media will build an audience as organically as their ink-stained predecessors.

Weekly or twice-weekly emails can include the snippets of earlier blogs with links to the complete work as well as images such as the writer pecking away at a keyboard. Such touches will lend a personal feel to the blog and further encourage readers to get engaged. And, of course, these messages can easily be forwarded on to someone who hasn’t yet read the blog, which is the objective behind email marketing for bloggers.

Most notably, the software is inexpensive and easy to install and manage. This is vitally important to bloggers, who obviously know their way around computers and don’t have the money to spend on expensive programs nor on hiring someone to handle this.

The most gratifying thing for bloggers is how easy it is to continue working even when corporate America declares otherwise. But everyone who has ever had a byline wants his or her work read. Email marketing of bloggers will help these hungry and eager writers find their audience!

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