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No matter what your reason for writing posts on the Internet, you are most certainly writing to be read. There is no better way to increase your readership than proper search engine optimization (SEO). When you SEO your sites effectively, you’ll see major jumps in your total traffic. Read on to learn some of the must-do tips for your blog on SEO.

Select the proper keywords for your articles and place them strategically into your posts. Your potential customers use search queries in search engines to discover the new websites related to their current needs. Ask yourself, how would one of your customers search for a website like yours? How would they search for a specific web page like one that you are trying to promote? The answers to these questions will give you your first clues to your best keywords. These keywords act as flags for the search engines so that they understand your content is relevant to that specific search query.

Before layering them into your content, check the keywords popularity as both a search query and as a search engine marketing term. Google’s AdWords Keyword Tool is excellent for this (and free). There you can type in your proposed keyword and see whether the search term is actually popular and whether there is a lot of competition marketing for that term. If a keyword is highly competitive, even if it is incredibly popular as a search query, you are better off looking elsewhere. That level of competition is tough to break through. Rather, look for a keyword that is popular, yet low on competition. There you can make your mark.

Layer your keyword(s), then into your blog post. Be careful not to overdo it. Search engines frown on keyword stuffing. If you have too many of the same term, Google will sense that is your action and will punish you in the rankings. Just a handful of keyword mentions (two or three) can do the job. Make sure you include the keyword in your title and your meta description as well.

Now that your content is properly prepped with keywords, concentrate on increasing your external links. Search engines love external linking (called backlinking in the industry); they weigh them positively when they are considering your website’s search ranking position. Find every opportunity you can to increase the amount of locations that link back to your content. A great place to begin is through social media. You can announce your new content immediately on your social profiles. If it helps with a solution to someone’s problem, offer them advice and pass on the link. The goal is to soon have others passing the link on as well so that more and more people have quality link backs to your site.

Don’t forget to also consider how you can internally cross-promote your own posts. Internal linking not only makes your website more sticky (people stick around for longer), it helps the search engines map out more pages when they are crawling your website for rankings. Search engines don’t go too deep into your site during their analyses, so these links help propel them a little deeper. It’s a great way to secure rankings for deep links on your site.

When you follow these tips during blog writing, you’ll be on the path to increased traffic. Get started today. You can boost your traffic to new heights.

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