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With 2014 already here, we thought we would round-up some of the best email marketing campaigns and success stories of the year gone by. I mean what would the New Year be without a review of the year that gone by and how we made the most of it? Email marketing played a huge role in our marketing campaigns in 2013 and it would seem that this trend is only set to continue into 2014.

I’m sure most of our New Year’s resolutions this year will be something along the lines of dieting, making more money and being more successful, as they quite often are. Therefore, this post is aimed at boosting your moral and knowledge in regards to what we should and shouldn’t be doing in 2014. At the end of the day, we tend to learn best from the past.

Pat On The Back…

The Daily Egg did a piece early on in 2013 about some of the best email marketing campaigns they had come across. Even in March there were some companies already reaping the benefits of their efforts they had made only three months into the year. These case studies show how when a business really tunes into their customers needs, their click through rates will soar. Wouldn’t you like to see a surge in your success by March 2014?

Vero also managed to collect data early on in 2013 regarding the best life-cycle email marketing campaigns that took place in the first half of the year. Vero updates us on how businesses achieved success by going full circle with their campaigns and following through on promises and customer service.

GetSmart rounded up some of their favourite emails of 2013, including some that used smart images in the right way and relevant to their audience and others which were just plain catchy. They also offer us the benefit of some ‘before and after’ emails, allowing us to see what others in our field are changing, when and how, giving us that reassurance and inspiration we so often need.

New Year’s Resolution

After looking at how some people managed to make 2013 a really successful year maybe now it is time for us to have a look at some of the best advice from the year to see how we can improve ourselves in 2014.

Sometimes email marketing can prove to be much harder than it first appears. We try, we fail, we re-try, we fail and after a while we become disheartened. So, with the New Year must come new spirits. Some of the best tips we got this year were from Bluehornet after the 2013 Marketing Sherpa Summit, the largest research based email marketing event around. Bluehornet give us solid advice based on the ideas, theories and practices of some of the best email marketers out there.

If you still need that extra little push in the right direction, Digital Marketing Ramblings have predicted that in 2014 ROI from email marketing is only set to increase. This is great news for us all, however what we really need to know is how we are going to achieve this and who better to let us in on these secrets than Social Media Today. With the push towards adaptable emails that are responsive on mobile devices, 2014 is going to demand much more of us than we probably would have expected!

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