Benefits of Paperless Faxing by Email


Email has already replaced the old postal mail. Now, paperless faxing is already becoming more and more popular for the same reason. Paperless faxing has several advantages and features that a normal fax machine does not have. Just think about the amount of paper that will be saved each day if every office and home offices dump their old fax machine and switch to paperless faxing.

Each year, the United States consume 200 billion pages of paper on fax machine paper alone. If 10% of this were made paperless, that could save at least two million trees every year. And because fuel and water are required to produce paper, and more fuel and human resource are necessary to distribute this finished product, saving on fax paper would mean lesser demand for these resources. If the same percentage was done using email faxing, we could save about 215 million kilowatt hours of energy, enough to power the New York subway system for more than two months; we could save more than 700 million gallons of water, enough to supply the city of Philadelphia for two days; and we could eliminate six million pounds of air pollution, that is an equivalent of air pollution produced by more than 500 cars in a year.

But what about the direct effects of using paperless faxing to you? Aside from being paperless, faxing by email wins over the normal fax machine as you can send wide variety of computer programs and not just the plain old sheet of paper. You can fax files in MS Word, MS Excel or MS PowerPoint – programs that you use every day. Many fax-to-email services provide a feature where you can receive and send faxes from your smartphone so there is no need to get up and send fax, wait for the fax machine to be available before you can send fax, find a fax machine if you are not in the office, or stand in front of a fax machine for hours if you are sending multiple faxes or sending to multiple recipients. All you need is your computer with internet connection or your smartphone and you can send, receive and store faxes. Security is also another advantage of paperless faxing by email. Just like email, your account is secured by a password and you can send and receive faxes in your email account. Every fax-to-email service has secured services with anti-virus systems from added security.

You can sign up for a paperless fax by email conveniently with your credit card. Signing up only takes a few clicks and seconds. You don’t need any telephone, telephone line, fax machine, and software to install. Everything is ready after signing up. There is no need to buy any hardware. All you need is an internet connection and an email account, which you already have. And since everything is done online, you are guaranteed that there are no more paper jams, no busy lines, and no empty cartilages. All faxes are received in excellent quality.

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