Bed and Breakfasts and Email Marketing


However, just because a bed and breakfast provides an old-fashioned vacation doesn’t mean it can’t benefit from a decidedly modern version of marketing and promotion. Email marketing is a great way for these establishments to connect with tourists and begin establishing a long-lasting relationship.

Email marketing is a particularly valuable tool because the traditional means of marketing don’t really apply to bed and breakfasts. Since people are almost certainly looking to plan an out-of-town trip, placing ads in newspapers or purchasing airtime on local television or radio stations are a waste of money for a local establishment that doesn’t have much money in the advertising budget anyway.

Vacationers are likely to search for a bed and breakfast via a Google search, so the first step in the email marketing campaign is to place a prompt on the website inviting visitors to enter their email address. Make sure to note that email is the best way for people to stay updated about the establishment and the deals it offers.

This is as important for the bed and breakfast as it is for the potential guests, because every business owner knows that while it’s easy to make a first impression via a quick Google search, it’s much tougher to keep people coming back. Email marketing allows these relaxing vacation spots to remain in the minds of potential guests in the time between their first visit and the time they decide to make reservations for a vacation.

Email marketing software makes it easy to input these addresses into a program that allows for emails to be quickly distributed. Other advantages of the software include its inexpensive price-it will fit into any budget-as well as how anyone with a minimal amount of computer expertise can implement and manage the program. There’s no need to hire additional staff to oversee email marketing.

The software also allows users to present an attractive and interactive message. This won’t just be a text-filled message with the bare bones information about the establishment-it can include links to different parts of the website, photos and videos of the bed and breakfast as well as testimonials from previous guests.

These messages can also be personalized, both in the subject heading and in the initial greeting, which will make it more likely they are read by the recipients. Add it all up and email marketing is the best way to promote and market the most traditional of vacation spots!

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