Basics of Online Marketing


Internet Marketing has taken the world by a storm. Never in the age of technology have we seen a trend like this before – a proverbial sway to almost completely automated conversion. While this may not be something we can completely control – we might as well enjoy the ride.

There are many forms of Internet Marketing to cover but for this discussion – we’ll concentrate on a couple points affecting the small business model and they’re web presence.

From the onset of most projects, focus and usually the budgetary dollars in this group, come in the form of Website Design and or Ecommerce creation. Search Engine Optimization and in some cases, AdWords or Affiliate Ad Campaigns are added costs. It’s the ongoing building process, which affects your longevity in this market once the initial cost is factored in but many dont factor that in initially.

A web design should be a dynamic, but orderly, presentation that allows the user to quickly ascertain your interests and product offering. Secondary, it should motivate the visitor to engage, connect and or convert as a buyer. Quick and brilliant imagery, coupled with clear presentation and keyword focus, creates a web design that attracts motivated visitors.

Some online marketing places its web design focus on appealing to a certain targeted genre – usually associated with the audience of a certain following.

For instance, one website I run is completely dedicated to rock climbing. I used targeted analytics provided by Quantcast and Google to determine my keyword focus and then adjusted the message accordingly – based on research done against main competitors in my virtual market. It worked. See what sells in your market and emulate accordingly. My focus on this project was to provide a reason for the visitor to connect and return at a later date to the website.

Some websites simply need to determine WHO their target market or target audience is. This often will determine the focus of the web design, and how the information will be presented online. For instance, you can be sure that I would present diet pills to the elderly much different than to a twenty-something gym rat. Discovering the appropriate target markets and determining your audience is one of the most important activities in online marketing management.

There is a wealth of tools available on the market for us web designers that allow us the ability to track data regarding our clients and their online behaviors.

Google Analytics provides one of the more common, free tracking services. Easy to connect with your Google+ account, the analytics give you a broad level view of your page traffic, visitor’s demographics, country of location, and type of browser, ECT. These are a great media baseline to judge other traffic: Compete, Alexa, or Quantcast. Don’t forget, most hosting companies also offer paid server analytics that will provide advanced data to assist in your research of your market.

Geo location software is becoming increasing popular with many online agencies with the advent of so many mobile visitors. It’s estimated that over 20% of web design traffic comes in the form of mobile visits! Preparing your message to service those visitor’s on smart phones will play a key role in your online conversion.

Technological advancements in telecommunications industry have spurned a completely unique user base and a strong, clear presentation is crucial.

Internet Marketing is a great way to shape your modern business and attract the clients that count. Utilize a clear; strong vibrant message and your online web design will see the results in the form of web traffic and a rise in conversion.

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