Basics of Building Trust and Sending Emails to Your List Using an Autoresponder


As the number of people in your email list increases you will eventually reach a point where writing individual mails to each person in your list will take up way too much time. So in order to continue to develop your online business and still have time to send out e-mails that look professional you will need a way to make sending out these mails more efficient. The solution to this problem is an autoresponder, this will allow you to send out emails to your list without having to write the same things every time you have a new person signing up on your email list.

Autoresponders with a varying degree of sophistication have been around for many years, starting with “out of office emails” to automatic answering machines for telephones used by companies and people before internet became a part of everyday life. The main difference is that today’s technology makes it possible to send people emails with personal touch that appears to be written for them personally.

It also give you the possibility to make a schedule for sending out your emails over a period of time. So in other words, you write each email once writing “name” in the parts where you want the client’s name to appear in order to make the email that you are sending out look more personal, how the customer’s name is added to the email depend on what autoresponder you are using.

Writing the emails for the autoresponder

When writing the emails you will be sending to your customers you need to make sure that they have a personal touch to them. A few ways to do this is as I said before is add the name of the person you writing to in parts of the text where you want him/her read extra carefully. Other ways to get a personal touch is having mails that are not there to sell products, but to give information that may increase interest in what you later will offer them on your web page. In other words, if you earned the trust of the persons reading your emails, they are more likely to want to buy what you are offering them.

Writing emails describing or summarising what you are offering

To gain the trust of the people in your list it is important that they know what they are buying and what to expect from your product. Taking time to give a god description of what you offering, or writing a good summary of a book you are selling, will be a good investment of your time. In other words: Customers that are happy with your products will be more motivated to open the next email you send them.

Be careful of not sending mails too often to your email list, people start ignoring emails if you mail them too often or in worst case unsubscribe from your email list.

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