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When reaching your market, the copy writing and editing phases of your email marketing campaign message is vital to how it is perceived by the recipients. What you say and how you say it is crucially important. To be the best, your marketing email services must differentiate themselves from the typical generic sales pitch; it is not a blatant sales email which are mostly ignored. You need to portray information and have a conversational tone which will get your campaign to the top.

Cut the hype.
Avoid the over-the-top superlatives and sales words; your consumers will see straight through it and assume your email marketing campaign is for a flimsy by-product. Think of the TV advertisements which include extreme claims to what they offer to make themselves sound better than they are. The best companies are truthful, professional and engage with their customers.

Know your audience.
Your audience wants to feel like they know you personally which is shown by your marketing email systems being conversational and unique to them. You need to find your consumers’ wants and needs from your email marketing campaign to show that you have taken the time to get to know your prospects, and is not a generic email which does not have their best interests at heart.

Keep it simple.
Today, people do not have time to read thousands of words on something they may or may not be interested in; they would rather be doing something they think is more important. Make your email marketing service simple and straightforward but without being patronising. You want your recipients to open your email and think ‘this is quick and interesting’ not ‘what’s the catch?’. Get right to the point early.

Acquire the right tone.
You want to make your email marketing campaign sound as if you are a trusted friend sharing valuable information, not an intolerable sales-person trying to make a cut. Balance formality with familiarity; you will get a much larger response.

Back it up.
Back up your claim with evidence and concrete examples to support it. Definitively, you want your email marketing to be persuasive enough to create a conversion, and the best way to do this? Proof!

Use your brand.
Add personality to your message; elements of your brand should come across in your message through tone, style or graphics.

Engage your customers.
Consumers love to get interactive so why not invite them back to give feedback about your email marketing software? This way, customers feel as if their opinions matter and it is great for you to receive both positive and negative criticism to make your email marketing the best it can be and adds significant value to your website.

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