Autoresponder – 5 Good Reasons Why You Need One


Why do I need an auto responder for my mailing system? I only have a hundred customers so I do not really need this you may think. Well you are wrong as the size of your list is not important now. What is important is do you want to make more money and do you want two hundred customers. Yes, now you are listening are you not?

Let us look at some advantages for you as a small business owner in using an auto responder on a weekly basis. Whether you have an online business or not at all.

Branding Expansion

All of your emails should have your website, your address and contact details added to it. You could and should think of a slogan for your small business. People read these things. Apple sold millions of computers and yet when they added a slogan such as: ‘Think Ahead’ they made their customer become a group of buyers who think ahead and therefore they saw themselves as part of the more intelligent. Using an auto responder you can keep this idea in front of your customers all the time. It worked for Apple, should work for you.

List Management

Using an autoresponder puts you in control of your list of names. While you may only have a small list such as a hundred people you will need to make an effort to send them news. With an autoresponder this management is automated. We will look at that now.

Automated System

This is why I like autoresponders. You can sit down today and ad 3 or 20 or 52 short email messages and then order your responder to send out one at a time for then next 52 weeks. Is that cool or what? You can be the first email your customer receives each Monday for the entire year.

Personalize Message

Your autopresponder will personalize your message if you give him a name of that person. Your contact list will think you think of them every Monday morning and you can bet your dollar they will think of you when they see your message.

No Selling Strategy

Guess what that if you send me a message on a weekly basis just wishing me a good week then I will be less irritated that you want to sell me something when you contact me once a year. Now that is a long sentence but that is how it feels when your customers do not hear from you and when they do, you want money. Somewhat like a dentist appointment. They do not want to go!

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