Automated Email Marketing Can Boost Your Online Business


You can make use of automated email marketing to give your online business a rise and make your marketing more effective. As you probably know, email marketing is essentially ‘selling’ a product or service to your subscribers through an email campaign.

The process behind it is this: you court visitors to your website to subscribe to a newsletter and in the process of providing information to the subscriber, you ‘sell’ to him or her. You can do this by simply encouraging them to opt in, or you entice them with a free product with the condition that they will sign in to receive your emails or newsletter on a regular basis.

While this model is a very effective way of selling, it can be tedious and very time-consuming if the process is not automated. Automated email marketing helps to dramatically reduce your effort in any email campaign. Once you have an automated system in place, you will require less effort and time to be managing your subscribers.

Build Trust And Confidence

The philosophy is that if you are communicating with your subscribers regularly on a given subject, they naturally come to trust you as an authority on the subject, and selling or recommending a product to them becomes easier. Their continuous subscription to your newsletter is always a good indication that they are interested in the subject you talk about.

For automated email marketing to achieve the results you want, there are three important things you need to keep in mind. They are newsletter design, content and scheduling.

Design of Your Email Newsletter

The design of your newsletter needs to be very professional and reflect the subject you are dealing with.If for example you are teaching graphic design in your newsletter, you may want the newsletter to be colorful yet simple and professional. The theme of your newsletter always has some effect on your email campaign.

In other cases, consider using plain text in your emails. That makes it very easy to create the newsletters, and they are readable in any email software as well as web mail. Many of the top internet marketers are using plain text in their emails.

Provide Useful, Quality content

For your automated email marketing effort to be a success, you need to be very particular about your content. This is probably the most important of all the factors to consider because the philosophy behind this marketing model is to establish trust and credibility with your subscriber.

And if you don’t have a compelling content that will stimulate some desire in your subscriber to read your mails, then your marketing efforts will amount to nothing.

Apart from having a useful and high quality content, you must learn to create captivating titles and a strong call to action. If these features are missing in your email marketing campaign, then you are missing the point.

How Often Should You Send Emails?

The last but equally important factor to consider in your automated email marketing is the strategic scheduling of your emails. While you don’t have to bombard your subscriber with emails at every least opportunity, you have to make sure your emails are scheduled according to what you told your subscriber when he/she was opting in.

Depending on your business and your available time, you can send newsletters daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly etc. Once or twice a week should fit most businesses.

This does not mean you can’t send emails to your subscribers apart from these scheduled times. However you should do this carefully and make clear that such emails are ‘special’.

These three factors, when integrated into any automated email marketing campaign would ensure that your efforts yield the results you are looking for.

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